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Nursing Theorist Grid Date Abstract The essay aims to address the following objectives, to wit: (1) to describe Nola J. Pender’s theory of Health Promotion Model using the Nursing Theorist Grid; (2) to analyze the major theory assumptions in terms of person, health, environment, and nursing; and (3) to discuss how Health Promotion Model is related to nursing education and practice…
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Nursing Theorist Grid
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Download file to see previous pages Pender ____________ Description of Theory: The Health Promotion Model (HPM) is an integration of nursing and behavioral science perspectives on biopsychosocial factors influencing health behaviors (Batchu, S.R., 2009, 13). It attempts to delineate the nature of person interacting with the interpersonal and environmental influences. The Health Promotion Model is a framework for predicting health behaviors and the underlying factors and relationships which increases the likelihood of health-promoting behavior leading to improved health and quality of life. Theory’s Historical background:The Health Promotion Model originates from the expectancy-value theory and the social cognitive theory (Adams, Bowden, Humphrey & McAdams, 2000, 29). The Health Promotion model was originally proposed in 1982 to understand why individuals engaged themselves in health-seeking behaviors. It was refined in 1996 to describe the interaction between individual characteristics and past experiences with behavior-specific cognitions and affect, and was published in the third edition of the Health Promotion in Nursing Practice (Batchu, 2009, 14). ...
rson which includes: the ability of the person to create conditions in which they can express their health potential; the ability of the person to be self-aware to assess their own competencies; the positive growth of individual in achieving balance between change and stability; the direction of one’s behavior; the person’s interaction with the environment and role in transformation; the role of health care providers as important part of the environment; and the importance of self-initiated changes between person and environment in behavior change (Batchu, 2009, 14). Pender’s assumptions of person is related to nursing practice as nurses considers physical, spiritual, psychological, and sociocultural aspects in the provision of holistic care. Nurses engage clients to health promoting activities and involve the totality of the person as it is applied in health promotion and improvement of client’s welfare rather than focusing only on disease prevention and cure of diseases. The Health Promotion Model is typically used in the nursing practice and is geared towards the five specific strategy targets such as smoking cessation, nutrition, independence from alcohol and drugs, physical fitness and exercise, and stress management (Laird, 1993, 13). The Health Promotion Model by Pender has been proven useful to college health nurses as they will become equipped with the concepts of mind, body, and spirit relationship(Laird, 1993, 21). Nursing educators will be able to developed the students’ abilities to handle different case scenario involving different aspects of care. For instance, students can promote health among smokers by considering first the physical, spiritual, psychological, and sociocultural dimension of the individual during assessment. The influence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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