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The standards that are set by the association include the code of ethics that all nurses are mandated to uphold in their practice…
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Legal iss ues
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Legal Issues Legal Issues The American Nurses Association (ANA) is a federal agency for nurses which are accredited for setting standards of nursing practice (Milton, 2008). The standards that are set by the association include the code of ethics that all nurses are mandated to uphold in their practice. The ANS is responsible for meeting the training needs individual nurses. Moreover, the needs of nurses for publications which promote evidence based practice are met by the association (Donley, 2008). The community requires that the ANA provides them with awareness on nursing practice. In this regard the association acts to promote the profession of nursing to the community. Health care organizations at both national and state levels are advocated by the ANA. This includes meeting the needs of registered nurses in all health care organizations or facilities. Inter-hospital interaction by nurses is met through the ANA (Milton, 2008). This interaction acts to meet the needs of nurses for dissemination of knowledge and discussion of health care issues. As a result of this, quality in healthcare is provided to the community.
Within the ANA there are more than one hundred specialty organizations. These are responsible for focusing on the specific clinical aspects of every specialty of nursing practice (Milton, 2008). Moreover the unique areas of nursing practice are advocated by the specific organizations of the ANA (Donley, 2008). The organizational and community issues which affect the practice of nursing are the areas of focus by the ANA. In this regard, the ANA acts to ensure that the ethics and code of conduct is maintained by all nurses for the good of the community. Moreover the interests of nurses such as working environment within healthcare organizations are advocated by the ANA. Moreover the honor of nursing practice and financial obligations of health care organizations to nurses are postulated by the American Nurses association (Milton, 2008).
Donley, R. (2008).Revisiting the American Nurses Associations First Position on Education For Nurses: A Comparative Analysis of the First and Second Position Statements on the Education of Nurses. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 13 (2), 3
Milton, C. (2008). The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics: A Reflection on the Ethics of Respect and Human Dignity with Nurse as Expert. Nursing Science Quarterly, 16 (4), 301 Read More
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Legal Iss Ues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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