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Uninary tract infection ,hysterecomy,cirrhosis,Diabetic,cast care,lntermittent claudication, eczema, - Case Study Example

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Her mother tells you that Amy has bowel movements every 3-4 days. They are usually large, hard formed and sometimes Amy has trouble evacuating the stool. When Amy is…
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Uninary tract infection ,hysterecomy,cirrhosis,Diabetic,cast care,lntermittent claudication, eczema,
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Extract of sample "Uninary tract infection ,hysterecomy,cirrhosis,Diabetic,cast care,lntermittent claudication, eczema,"

Download file to see previous pages A teaching session is planned to be undertaken with Amy & her mum on prevention of constipation.
Q2. Maria Poulos, a 40-year-old woman with two children, consulted her doctor about experiencing menorrhagia and occasionally metrorrhagia for the past 5 months. She was diagnosed with leiomyomas and a total abdominal hysterectomy was recommended.
Q4. Sally Smith, aged 14 yrs, has been admitted for review of her diabetes. Sally’s diabetes has been rather uncontrolled lately and her parents are extremely worried. She is now on insulin TDS and her diabetes appears to be more controlled. You are on night shift and are doing a round of checking the patients - you check Sally and find her unresponsive, cold & clammy.
Q5. Tara Smith aged four (4) years had a fall off the monkey bars at her day care centre. She fell on her outstretched arm which resulted in a Greenstick fracture of her distal R) radius. She is to have a synthetic cast applied to her forearm for 3-4 weeks.
Bob underwent a left femoral–popliteal bypass graft 5 years ago and is complaining of intense right foot pain for past 6 weeks. He states “I sleep in the recliner with my right leg hanging down to get some relief from the pain”. On assessment he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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