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After passing the board exam, she migrated in the US and also took the state board exam. Suffice to say that she spent most of her nursing career in the United States which is…
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Registerd nurse interview analysis
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Summary and Analysis of the nurse interviewed Summary The nurse that was interviewed was a nurse who migrated to the United s from 30 years ago. After passing the board exam, she migrated in the US and also took the state board exam. Suffice to say that she spent most of her nursing career in the United States which is around 30 years..
The resource person (person interviewed) recalled that she does not have any regrets with her profession. She genuinely enjoy taking care of people being also a mother of five children. She said that only thing she find challenging with her profession is that sometimes she has to work during weekends, holidays or evenings because of her shift. She said that this was tough when her children were still young because they rarely see each other due to her schedule. Sometimes, she cannot be with them on holidays because of her work.
She said that she does not regard patients as difficult. Sometimes they can be demanding and grumpy but as a nurse, she has to understand the situation of the patient that they just want to feel better.
The resource person narrated that nursing is not just an eight to five job where you punch in and get paid. It is a profession as well as a vocation because the job affects people’s lives. To be successful in this profession, one has to be genuinely concerned with people. A nurse has to understand that patients are already in pain and the least the nurse can do is to alleviate and make the pain bearable to the patient.
Nurses also work long hours and they do not follow the Monday to Friday work routine nor the eight to five schedule. It is because illness do not follow schedule and hospitals are open throughout the year. There are also emergency cases where a nurse has to work longer. Read More
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