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This is because there are numerous factors that vary among individuals that will influence their health and social life when they are ageing. During an interview carried out on…
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Life review paper
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LIFE REVIEW PAPER Introduction The elderly cope differently with ageing and issues that affect their health as they advance in years. This is because there are numerous factors that vary among individuals that will influence their health and social life when they are ageing. During an interview carried out on an elderly neighbor, he facilitated for the collection of information that was insightful on the process of aging and its correlation with health and the significance of family in the two.
The interviewee was a 94-year-old male, which ranked him among the eldest members in his family. This made him be highly esteemed by the public and his relations due to his advanced age. He is loved by the members of his family and receives plenty of attention from them. During his childhood, he gained the first experience of death; his father passed on when he was still young. This resulted in his mother being the lone breadwinner, who struggled to fend for him along with his kin. Despite this, he still regards his childhood as a happy one.
The interviewee was in a lasting marriage of 56 years and has been living as a widower, since his wife’s demise 17 years ago. Then interviewee owned a farm and cultivated corn. This became his sole career throughout his life. He, however, is not conversant with what hobby he participates in, but is an avid saver and always comes up with methods of saving cash. He practices the catholic religion and is a believer of the Christian doctrines, he accepts as true that God and heaven exist. This is palpable in the actuality that he has faith that he will join up with his spouse in heaven (Birkeland et al. 2009).
As the article highlights, the elderly people are faced with several constraints, mostly physical, as they find themselves unable to cope with other activities. However, although such physical constraints put limits on the elderly level of activity, it highlights that they managed to perform other activities, which were not physically demanding for their strength. It shows from the study conducted that the elderly people who suffered from chronic diseases and injuries managed to adapt to the situation by accepting their status and conditions. In the conversation with the researcher, the interviewee also admitted having accepted his situation as an elderly and further ascertained of his illness. He believes that aging is part of being human and explains that, although it is sad to be incapacitated, to do things that one loved doing, and depend on others to do them, it is part of life and his destiny (Birkeland et al. 2009).
The interviewee further understands that at the senile age of 94, he is sickly, as he is suffering from advanced congestive heart failure, but dislikes going to the hospital and prefers the doctor to visit him at home. He is not subjected to other treatments such as alternative therapies apart from medical treatment. He spends his time watching his favorite religious shows on TV. As the article highlights of many elderly individuals, the interviewee receives home care for his health problems (Albert and Freedman, 2010).
He does not impress one as sickly as he possesses a normal appearance; he is neat and well groomed and behaves normally for his age. The researcher attributes this condition to the care and support the interviewee receives from his family. This ensures that the interviewee is not passive as the article highlights that this is critical in creating a daily rhythm to ensure that the patient is comfortable (Anno et al, 2005).
The researcher selected this person because he is disabled and totally relies on other for support and he ambulates with a walker while he is supervised. Coping with being elderly was difficult for the patient, but the help of his family was integral in his coping. This case indicates the nursing needs of the elderly and how having care around them benefits them.
Anno, B. J. et al. (2005). Correctional Health Care; Addressing the Needs of Elderly,
Chronically Ill, and Terminally Ill Inmates. National Institute of Corrections. Pp 1-162.
Albert, S. M., & Freedman, V. A. (2010). Public health and aging: Maximizing function and
well-being. New York: Springer Pub. Co.
Birkeland, A. et al. (2009). Coping with ageing and failing health: A qualitative study among
elderly living alone. Publisert i International Journal of Nursing Practice; 15: 257-264. Read More
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