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The investigations conducted in social science by sociologists and anthropologists tend to employ distinctive method in exploring various social or cultural aspects. Each field seems to dictate a given method of investigation; however, some methods are comparable. Largely,…
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Issues in behavioural nursing
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Research Techniques Used By Anthropologists and Sociologist Investigation Techniques Employed By Anthropologists and Sociologist Introduction
The investigations conducted in social science by sociologists and anthropologists tend to employ distinctive method in exploring various social or cultural aspects. Each field seems to dictate a given method of investigation; however, some methods are comparable. Largely, philosophical explanations tend to influence the method applied.
Research method in sociology
Most studies conducted by sociologists tend to focus on issues affecting societal fabric. These issues include behavior, ethnic relations, gender relation, and family among other social issues. Henslin (1995) posits that the research outcome would largely depend on the method employed. Some of the methods used by sociologist include experimental research, survey research, and qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Survey Research
Sociologist conduct a survey research in order to explain the following social aspects values, motivation, habits, and personal attributes. The process used in the survey includes interviewing individuals from in a given a region. The interview develops a questionnaire, which helps in gathering information. One advantage of this method is that it provides first hand information. Conversely, the interviewer may only receive information from willing correspondent.
Experiment Research
This study attempts to give explanation why certain things do happen. In this method, the experiment investigates independent variable against a dependable variable. The behavior of the variables is critical in making conclusion about the investigation. The conclusion made from this research is usually testable.
Philosophical Justification
In philosophical justification, sociologists isolate the variables under investigation and observe their behavior in the new environment. Since the researcher is able to manipulate the independence the variables under investigation, the researcher can use explanation to justify the outcomes.
Research Methods Employed in Anthropology
Participatory Observation
In this method, the investigator became part of the community under investigation. He or she observes the behavior of the community or the subject of investigation within the given environment. Since the anthropologists participate at the community level, the result of the research reflects on the social aspects of the aforementioned community (Kotttak, 1994 & Howard, and Janet, 1992).
Genealogical Method
In genealogical method, the anthropologist investigates or gathers information about descent and kinship and marriage. The society usually stem out from the aforementioned as the social building block. The genealogical method is crucial in investigating social aspects of kin based community.
Philosophical Justification
In this method, anthropologist uses the genealogical information to justify historical contexts. The society develops its features from preexisting features thus; the information acquired through this method enables the anthropologist to understand a given social trend.
A comparison between anthropological and sociological research methods indicate that the two methods vary. The following explanation tends to show the distinction between the research approaches taken by anthropologists and sociologists.
While sociologists investigate the present events, anthropologists tend to investigate past events. The technique employed in the above cases differs because the information under investigation is different. Participatory method of investigation enables the sociologists to explain trends in social relation. On the other hand, genealogical enables anthropologists to explain traits observed in an individual. Sociologist is able to gather information without necessarily staying in a given community whereas anthologist must stay in the given community. The difference observed in the two methods of investigating social aspects reveals that statistical methods could only apply to a given extent in the sociological research while it is not feasible to acquire anthropological information without living in the community under investigation.
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