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I have a passion for people and always feel contented when people are in robust health. I gain satisfaction and contentment after the realization that I have served a patient appropriately. I realized my gift of nursing when I was…
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Case Management Assignment
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Case Management Assignment My desire for nursing began since my childhood. I have a passion for people and always feel contented when people are in robust health. I gain satisfaction and contentment after the realization that I have served a patient appropriately. I realized my gift of nursing when I was young, at I time I happened to be admitted in hospital. The nurses would wash my body, give me encouraging words and ensured I took my food as well as medicine. I witnessed how they would encourage the ones who had lost hope, and I realized I wanted to emulate them and become a blessing to others.
However, people tried to kill my dream by discouraging me into joining the nursing school. For this reason, I diverted into legal studies, where I managed to get a degree in 1998. However, I now seek to pursue my dream and have decided to branch off into nursing. Through getting a place in the nursing school, I will be able to nurture my talent, hence contribute to a healthy society. I realize that people pass through different stages, both pleasurable and unpleasant. During these times, I enjoy being a source of encouragement to people. For instance, when an individual is on his/her deathbed, I sympathize with him/her by giving comfort, and other material needs. In moments of joy, for instance, birth, I rejoice with the new mother and seek to give any assistance that would contribute to their joy. Through this, I have learned to share intimate times with people, hence encouraging me to pursue a career in nursing.
Joining the nursing school will allow me to become well equipped with the skills of nursing. In addition, I will apply the skills gained in a veteran hospital where I have worked for six years now. Through this work, I have gained experience of working with both sick and well veterans. However, I have realized that I need to learn a few more concepts and skills in order to give my services satisfactorily. Thus, the skills gained in the nursing school will make my skills better.
Apart from working in the veteran hospital, I intend to visit marginal societies, where treatment is minimal and give assistance. For instance, I will contribute to the profession by visiting Africa, where I intend to use my skills to save the lives of many people. Some, for instance, are ignorant of healthy ways of living, thus experience high rates of mortality frequently. Therefore, apart from offering services, I intend to train other nurses, who will assist in saving lives. Moreover, I will teach people ways of taking care of other patients at home, eating habits and other forms of hygiene. Through this, I believe that many lives will not be lost to ignorance.
I believe that nursing is a gift that comes from within, and should be nurtured. Without the gift, other tasks like handling an ailing individual may become problematic and lead to mistreatment. Once I realized my gift, I chose to perform the task and any assignments cheerfully, hence giving hope to patients. Through this, other patients will learn to appreciate others as a way of reciprocating.
In addition, joining the nursing school will give me an opportunity to fit into the dynamic world. This is because; nursing offers several opportunities, which I will be able to grasp once I have the skills. For instance, gaining the skills from the school, I will have the ability to work in many settings including schools, hospitals and homes, as well as other places of work. In addition, through exercising my gift by treating others appropriately, I am likely to attract other potential nurses to join the field. Through this, the world will improve its health and well-being, thus improving the lives of citizens. Read More
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