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QUANTITATIVE CRITIQUE CRITERIA Part I 1. Problem Statement/Purpose - Essay Example

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The study has provided a clear and well-defined problem statement, whereby, the purpose of the study is to obtain insight into the adequacy of interventions used to prevent pressure ulcers in Belgian hospitals. There lacks a clear definition of the variables under this study, as…
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QUANTITATIVE CRITIQUE CRITERIA Part I 1. Problem Statement/Purpose
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Download file to see previous pages A statement made in the introduction of the study reinforces this, by clearly stating that there lacks large-scale data in this field, which are based on patient observations in hospitals (Vanderwee, Defloor, Beeckman et al, 2011). Therefore, the study seeks to venture into an area that has not been widely studied before. The population to be considered under the study is not well defined under the problem statement, in that the study seeks to cover patients suffering from pressure ulcers in Belgian hospital, thus lacking clarity in defining the actual population that will be put under consideration. The problem area tackled by the study is relevant to nursing, in that it seeks to measure the adequacy of the interventions applied to prevent pressure ulcers. In obtaining such insights, the study will generate the areas of weaknesses, which nursing, as a profession should address, to enhance pressure ulcers prevention.
The study lacks adequate literature review. In fact, the study does not have the literature review section. This however, can be attributed to the fact that the study seeks to venture into an area that has not been widely studied, thus lacking adequate literature, which is relevant for this study. Nevertheless, there is ample literature that tackles the areas of pressure ulcers as a disease and the factors causing this condition. Owing to the fact that, under introduction, the study highlights the effects of pressure ulcers to the society such as mortality, hospitalization, and health care expenditure, and considering that, the necessary prevention measures such as the reduction of pressure on the patient tissues are addressed on the introduction, then, the study ought to have undertaken a broad literature review. Thus, there lacks a literature review of the dependent and independent variables, though there are some data based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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QUANTITATIVE CRITIQUE CRITERIA Part I 1. Problem Statement/Purpose Essay.
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