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On the other hand, if she takes cocaine during delivery, that would reduce the pain but Amelia is likely to face complications.
Embryo harvesting is a…
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Ethics--- Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation
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Ethical Dilemma: Embryo Harvesting There are several ethical dilemmas discussed in the video in the 22nd episode of the season 5 d “Gone, Baby, Gone” as discussed below:
If the baby’s organs are donated, the baby will lose life. On the other hand, if the organs are not donated, many babies whose lives could have been saved with the baby’s organs, would die.
If the baby is kept, his life will be nothing but a burden both upon himself and upon his parents. On the other hand, if the baby’s organs are taken away, he will be killed.
If Amelia does not take drugs during delivery, she is likely to have to bear the pain for anywhere between 28 and 30 hrs. On the other hand, if she takes cocaine during delivery, that would reduce the pain but Amelia is likely to face complications.
Embryo harvesting is a practice that is immensely controversial because of its potentially harmful consequences, though there are certain advantages as well that cannot be denied. Embryo harvesting is a painful procedure. The embryo whose organs are transplanted in others is a human being whose consent is not taken and instead, he/she is enforced the decision upon. “…although the infant currently lacks many functional abilities, it nonetheless has the inherent capacity to function as a person” (Klusendorf, 2000, p. 10). However, since Amelia’s baby is brainless, there is little likelihood that he will be able to survive after birth, or ever gain the decision-making skills even if he survives, which provides Amelia and the doctors with a reason to go for embryo harvesting. As Professor Stuart Campbell said, “and if they are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs” (Campbell cited in Saletan, 2009).
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Ethics--- Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation Essay.
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