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Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation - Essay Example

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Summary to essay on topic "Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation"
The topic which is taken under discussion in this essay is the ethics of cloning or genetic manipulation and it will also explore the conflict theories of Karl Marx and Max Weber about cloning. Before discussing the theories of Karl Marx and Max Weber it is important to know that what is cloning…
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Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation
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Extract of essay "Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation"

Download file "Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation" to see previous pages... To daily life it gives the possibilities to cures for countless material improvements and diseases. The human genome project symbolized the hopes for the benefits of genetic manipulation, in the human species a vast international effort to categorize all the genes. For its potential for misuse genetic manipulation frightens many people.
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Either through simple bungling that might develop a biological holocaust which is caused by the viruses made by man or either through the Nazi style scheme for the control of the population. The single concept on the cutting edge of the genetic manipulation is cloning.
Clone is an organism or cell or groups of cell that consist the genetics information identical to that of the organism or parent cell. Cloning is not as new as it seem, it is a form of asexual reproduction. The new thing is the ability of humans to manipulate cloning at the genetic level. 2,000 years ago the humans produced the first clone and at that time the plants developed from step cuttings and grafts. In cloning the process call into the use of DNA replication and calls into play complex laboratories techniques. A relatively recent scientific advance is usually mean by the people. Between these techniques cloning is the ability to copy and isolate the separate genes that direct a development of organism.
Karl Marx was revolutionary leader, radical economist and Germen Philosopher. He had founded the modern scientific socialism. In the mind of Marx the central idea is the material conception of history. Every message of his provides new meaning of life and hope to the millions of peoples. According to his conflict concept of cloning the cloning can bring many changes. In Australia a new animal was discovered several years ago and that animal was appeared to be kosher pig. Previously the animal was unknown, the status of kosher was governed by the rules and that rules were very much old. And after much speech it was decided that it was indeed non kosher. The new creation of cloning is a baby with no parents. To encompass this new reality the people of world stretches its concepts of ethics and morality. If the human cloning is permitted then the Jewish world also endeavors to decide. In Jewish law regarding cloning there is no clear consensus. To clone people is a technology which is not yet considered as a reality. This issue is not a practical one, this issue is an academic one. Because of these reasons there have no actual cases in Jewish law which has been decided as they realize strongly upon the precedent. The prominent rabbis still publish the scholarly analysis. It has ruled by one of the prominent authority of American Halachic that in certain instances cloning is permitted. Before a final consensus is reached many Jewish laws technical issues will have to be resolved. Before the final decision reached many deep philosophies concepts will have to be applied on cloning. About the nature of the individuals that would be produced through cloning and genetic influence some of the concerns are based on the false beliefs. The fear is that a clone will be a carbon copy of some one else, it would not be an individual. Many scientists gives their opinion about clone that clone would be more like a delayed identical twin and it would not in fact be an individual copy. And identical twins are two separate peoples. Genetic determinism ...Download file "Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation" to see next pagesRead More
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