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The government has the mandate of ensuring that all its citizens have receive adequate medical care across all generations. The Spri study was a joint venture that was undertaken by the Swedish central…
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Case Analysis Sweden The Evolution of Health Care information
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Case Analysis; Sweden the Evolution of Health Care information Purpose of the Study The health of Swedish citizens is a critical objective of the government. The government has the mandate of ensuring that all its citizens have receive adequate medical care across all generations. The Spri study was a joint venture that was undertaken by the Swedish central government and the Swedish federation of county councils. According to the study, the Swedish health care system is among the most developed health systems in the world. The study aimed at establishing the correlation between government’s health records and the actual situation on the ground. The Spri study also wished to establish the implication of the new medical information system on the quality, cost of health service and the performance of medical practitioners. In addition, the study was carried out to establish the significance of the computerized information system in carrying out medical follow-ups. The user friendliness of the health care system to different end users was also a significant objective of the Spri study.
Although the implementation of the computerized health records would be beneficial to the government and the citizens, its implementation is difficult. This is because integrating the complex health records of the entire population would be difficult. The Swedish public health system is, therefore not likely to achieve the proposed benefits or rate of implementing the new health record system (Marion, Charlotte, and Joan 74). The understanding of information technology concerning its status and its future is also a significant aspect of implementing recommendation of the Spri case study. Developments in information technology have taken different directions and, therefore it is impossible to predict its future implications adequately. This is because the current Spri studies have been conducted using the present IT knowledge that might be irrelevant in the future. The projections that can be derived from the case stud y will only be valid in the short term due to the rapid evolution of information technology. The governments and local authorities need implementing the recommendations of the case study in order to reap its benefits. Lack of global consideration of IT has also contributed to the lack of credibility of the study results.
Implication on Future Health Care
The health care system can be described as information rich. This is because the sector deals with large volume of data. Information or the important content from the large volume of data is the most significant. The implementation of IT in health care systems will enable the separation of useful information from raw data. This will enhance efficiency and satisfaction of health workers and patients. Fully application of IT will enhance interconnection of the health care facilities facilitating sharing of medical information (Marion, Charlotte, and Joan 76). The main duty of medical personnel is separating information from data. Information obtained from the raw data is later used to solve medical problems or make medial prescriptions and recommendations. IT application will enhance solving medical related problems through sharing of information by different users or sharing of solutions between different medical practitioners. When fully implemented, the IT system will have significant benefits to the public in relation to their health. A fully compatible health care information system will also be beneficial to the central government and the local authorities.
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