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The author of the essay stets that the procedure must be in consensus with physicians and nursing protocol and policies. This paper will discuss the process that would be applied to determine whether the procedure falls within the RN scope of practice…
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Procedure that Physicians Would Like Nurses to Adopt in the Hospital
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Procedure That Physicians Would Like Nurses To Adopt In the Hospital
In the effort to enhance care delivery, physicians may find it necessary to introduce a new procure that they would require nurses to adapt. However, not all procedures can be adapted. The procedure must be in consensus with physicians and nursing protocol and policies. This paper will discuss the process that would be applied to determine whether the procedure falls within the RN scope of practice.
In nursing and physician profession, the common ethical goal is first to do no harm to patient (Tulchinsky & Varavikova, 2009). In this regard, any procedure or policy adapted and endorsed by the hospital must be in line with this fact. The new procedure physicians want nurses adapt involves absolute adherence and compliance of nurses with physicians’ orders. However, there must be a procedure to be followed by both the nurses and physicians.
Firstly, it is necessary to recognize that nurses have their own prescribed nursing policies which allow them to give certain forms of patient care without a prescription from the physicians (Kneedle & Dodge, 1994). For example, in skin care treatment, physicians are aware that they do not have to prescribe the skin care to nurses because they know nurses are capable of handling it on their own. This is true because nurses have guiding principles and procedures on how to look after any skin related infection (Coombs, 2004). Another example is that nurses have the obligation of preventing patient’s fall; thus, they do not need any prescription from the physicians on how to prevent the patient’s fall.
In light with this, any procedure that physicians would like nurses adapt should fall under prescriptions of nursing and physicians codes of practice. Moreover, any procedure that violates nursing and physician protocol should not be endorsed at all costs (Coombs, 2004). Nonetheless, both physicians and nurses have the responsibility of ensuring that their codes of conduct do not contradict, or in any way jeopardize the patient’s care (Coombs, 2004). In order successfully to introduce any new procedure, it would be vital to include both physicians and nurses in the formulation of the procedure. This way, any matters arising from such a procedure would be discussed and resolved accordingly.
Physicians may find it necessary to introduce a procedure that they want nurses to adopt in care delivery, but the bottom line is that this procedure must be in line with professional practices and that the common ethical goal of not causing harm to the patient is maintained. However, the procedure may be reviewed and approved only if its aim is to improve care delivery and that both nurses and physicians are comfortable with it.

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