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The author states that beliefs on humanity healthcare are fundamental philosophy of public health nursing. These beliefs are holistic in nature. They include health, nursing, and humanity. It involves safeguarding the health of humanity using knowledge derived from the public and nursing sciences. …
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Community Nursing
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Practice in public health nursing is systematic in nature with the main aim of accomplishing the following (George, 1990).
1. Identification of families that may require health care needs and how the assessed group would benefit from identified health promotions. For instance, premature death, disability, and risk of illness.
2. Intervention plan development in regard to meeting the needs of a particular community and taking into account the resources available to tackle emerging challenges.
3. Equitable, efficient and effective implementation of a plan.
4. Evaluations on impacts of a plan implemented to individuals and the entire population.
On the other hand, community health nursing is majorly inclined into three categories. These are referred to as tools of community nursing health practice which include community organizing, epidemiology, and health education. Epistemology deals with the determinants and distribution of injuries and decisions in the human population. Community health nursing majorly studies populations on the basis of age group with the main reference to health problems related to each group. Some of the groups are infants, mothers (below twelve months, children with ages one to fourteen, young adults and many others. Health issue depending on age bracket may include; maternal health which encompasses prenatal care, family planning and abortion (McEwen & Willis, 2007).
There are a number of partnerships involved in both public health nursing and community health nursing. They include government health agencies, quasi-governmental organizations dealing with health and lastly nongovernmental health agencies. For instance, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) partnering with the Kenyan government in Africa to tackle HIV scourage. The government may fund transportation as CDC funds antiretroviral drugs distribution among the poor populations to curb faster death rates among HIV patients.     Read More
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