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The health issues experienced during this period necessitated the need to address them. In so doing, vital health statistics were collected to help in the allocation of resources into the sector. Sanitation was also worked on for the better in a bid to reduce disease occurrence. …
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History of Community Nursing Matrix
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History of Community Nursing Matrix Affiliation: Complete the matrix with the following concepts, and relate the concepts to two different periods of time in history and the present time:
Describe each period briefly.
Clarify the differences during each period with public health nursing and community health nursing.
Describe the key health issues.
Identify community health partnerships used during this period of time.
Describe how Watson’s Theory of Human Transpersonal Caring is related.
Historical time period
Nursing role in community
Major health issues
Partnerships used
Watson’s theory
Past period 1
1600-1700: American colonial period
The sick were taken care of by the household female heads. There was no limitation in the illnesses that these females dealt with, and they took care of every sick person in the community. The healing process was characterized by use of herbs. These women were charged with the responsibility of ensuring that they collected the herbs.
During this period, a number of health issues emerged. The major health issues prior to this period were typhoid, small pox, typhus, cholera and yellow fever.
The health issues experienced during this period necessitated the need to address them. In so doing, vital health statistics were collected to help in the allocation of resources into the sector. Sanitation was also worked on for the better in a bid to reduce disease occurrence. Communicable diseases called for measures to be put in place in order to control and reduce spreading of the diseases. The main implementation in this was through seaports (Lancaster &Stanhope, 2008).
This theory is related to this period in that, a female head was in a position to determine another person’s wellbeing condition in the context of health, just like nurses do today (Watson, 1985). The female heads diagnosed and treated the sick in their families and in the community at large.
Past period 2
1850-1900: American Industrial Revolution
Industrialization increased demand for hospitals. Consequently, these hospitals required a workforce that comprised of doctors, nurses and social workers. This workforce needed to trained and qualified, thus the need for health sciences institutions at the time if the sick were going to get quality health services and healthcare.
Cities were growing rapidly and small towns were also developing fast. This urbanization process resulted to deteriorated sanitation conditions in many American towns. As a result, communicable diseases were common among residents in these towns.
Challenges characteristic to this period needed to be addressed in order to save the situation. Interventions into health issues were introduced, specifically nursing interventions. These activities helped in improving sanitation conditions of many towns. Consequently, favorable nutrition enhanced a reduction in the incidence of acute communicable diseases by the year 1910 (Lancaster &Stanhope, 2008). The general economic welfare of these towns also improved significantly.
The caring theory or model in health issues can be said to be an ethical and philosophical ground upon which professional nursing is based (Watson, 1985). The theory can also be integrated into the central focus of nursing professionalism, taking a disciplinary level in the context of health issues addressed during this period. The theory therefore provides the importance of pursuing nursing education prior to taking care of patients.
Current period
America 2000
Diversity and dynamism in the health sector has been observed in current times. The history acts as a strong base for the inspiration and motivation of nurses. Prediction and explanation of health variables is characteristic to this period. Vast information and advocacy policies have been formulated and implemented for the purpose of making healthcare approaches to the population comprehensive enough; thereby addressing health issues experienced by the multitude (Lancaster & Stanhope, 2008).
Communicable diseases have in recent time been suppressed by the use of appropriate technology and medical progress. Presently, communicable diseases are totally manageable. However, even with the current modernization, heath issues related to HIV/AIDS, Mad-Cow disease and H1N1 are still a big challenge. Obesity has also increased over the last 10 years, owing to mismanaged diets and meals among the population (Kamalam, 2005).
Contemporary definition and role of nurses has been influenced by several factors, not only in America but also in the rest of the world. Social, economic and political forces have had an influence on the development of nurses in the contemporary world (Lancaster &Stanhope, 2008). Healthcare policy formulation and implementation and funding of the sector have majorly been undertaken by the government. As a result, health issues have become political issues, and the masses are divided for and against this scenario.
Present movements in the health sector depict the need for healthcare practitioners to work within a defined and shared caring framework. The aim of this is to achieve an integral relationship between mind, body and spirit in the existing health system (Watson, 1985). Watson’s Theory of Human Transpersonal Caring presents the integration of research based practice into the aspect of nursing. It therefore shows how nurses are supposed to handle the body, mind and spirit of patients during and after treatment (Saucier, 2009).
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Brothers Publishers.
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Care in the Community, 7th Edition.
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health. California: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Watson, J. (1985). Transpersonal Caring and the Caring Moment Defined. Retrieved
December 18, 2010 from Read More
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