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In the first video, the patient seems content with the pain reliever he is being given and he says that the pain had subsided; he was able to sleep but the pain was coming back after four hours of taking the first pain reliever. In the second video, the patient is complaining…
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Pain related research question Insert Pain related research question In the first video, the patient seems content with the pain reliever he is being given and he says that the pain had subsided; he was able to sleep but the pain was coming back after four hours of taking the first pain reliever. In the second video, the patient is complaining of pain and says that alcohol or cigarette could help to relieve the pain. It is clear that the pain relievers’ effects subside after some time. The research question should be; pain relievers and their efficacy in different individuals: which pain reliever is better?
Different pain relievers have different efficacies and accumulated research shows that certain actors in an individual. Physiological and metabolic factors play a big role in clearing a drug in the body system and in the process; they determine how long a drug will last in the body. For instance, a patient with low metabolism will feel the effects of a drug a few more hours after taking it and the same effects last longer (Eakins and Xu (2009).
Another factor that determines drug efficacy is its manufacturing. Some drugs are very effective immediately after being consumed, but they last for a short while. Some drugs take longer to produce effects, but the effects last longer. The question still remains, which drug is better? Before any drug is prescribed to a patient, several factors especially the physiological make up of the patient should be put in consideration. In this way, the drug administered will be appropriate for the duration of time it is expected to last.
Eakins, S. and Xu, J, J. (2009). Drug Efficacy, Safety and Biologics Discovery: Emerging Technologies and Tools: New York: John Wiley and Sons Inc. Read More
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