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This paper is an application for Family Nurse Practitioner at UAB. This research will begin with the statement that concern for ailing people and their woes has always been the author’s sensible area of attention since he reached his adolescence…
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Application for Family Nurse Practioner at UAB
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Application for Family Nurse Practitioner at UAB
Concern for ailing people and their woes has always been my sensible area of attention since I reached my adolescence. After the school days, it became a challenge for me to decide on the path of career I should select; however, my mind was absolutely ready for pursuing the field of nursing, because, I thought it would be the best fitting line for people with my attitude. Later, I realized the value of life care and the amazing scope of job opportunities in the field of family nursing practices. The quest for finding a suitable graduate school for pursuing my course finally ended at University of Alabama at Birmingham on the advice of one of my colleagues where I practice as a clinical assistant. It is my optimum choice as the college guarantees me highly effective classes online whereby I can continue my present job while continuing with contact classes.
The conditions at my home were not favorable to me to choose a full-time course in the nursing degree with a huge responsibility to provide constant medical and emotional attention to my ailing father. It was during those days I got a clinical assistant’s position in a nursing home on the basis of my life science intermediate course and the experience I had from nursing my people at home. I learned that the UAB is fabulous as a center for nursing studies and a perfect platform for my career development through campus selections by different employers. I know, pursuing graduation in family practice nursing is a big task ahead, and I should be aware of employment opportunities thereafter.
I have read in several journals and books that the trend of clinical nursing is diverted on many occasions to specifically designed nursing homes which are usually attached to a major hospital. As Choby (2008) points out, the professional approach in handling the requirements of patients and their home care becomes an organized labor similar to large hospitals; and as a general tendency, many hospitals offer residential facility for patients unable to remain at home due to severe symptoms or choice of the patient (p.108). In the circumstances where hospitals facilitate residence for inpatients, the job of the nurse expands from clinical care to various aspects of patients’ health at home.
After the bachelor’s program, I am really enthusiastic about pursuing the Master’s in palliative care in the family practice nursing in this University. As the reports and statistics reveal the number of nursing experts in the field of family services is largely insufficient, and chances to secure employment, I hope, will be good if I complete my masters. According to specific suggestions, “the quality and effectiveness of healthcare will continue to improve, and nurses with graduate degrees will play an active role in the trend” (Dracup, 2011, p.15). I know, the study in this field is very laborious and expensive, but the excellence in the profession with a master’s degree is incredibly rewarding in the job market.
Finally, I am really very hopeful about my desired graduate nursing program with all the true dedication to the noble career of a nurse. Learning this course at University of Alabama at Birmingham is my dream now and I would feel boundlessly grateful for being selected for enrollment on the course.

Choby, B. A. (2008). “Prenatal care”. In P. H. Sloane., L. M. Slatt., M. H. Ebell., Jacques & M. A. Smith (Eds), Essentials of Family Medicine. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Dracup, K. (2011). Master’s programs. In M. Snider (Ed), Nursing Programs, USA: Peterson's. Read More
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