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This discussion, Essential Equipments in the Healthcare of Patients, highlights that patients treat their spiritual and physical health equally. Patients are able to cope up with or comprehend their endurances through spiritual convictions, or dimension of the respective patients’ lives.  …
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Essential Equipments in the Healthcare of Patients
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Spiritual assessment tools are essential equipments in the healthcare of patients. They help to cope with stress and illness as they are used in their recognition. This article identifies areas of concern in spiritual assessment of patients and the steps used in acquiring a proper spiritual assessment analysis in patients.
Significant discoveries on patients
Patients treat their spiritual and physical health equally. Patients are able to cope up with or comprehend their endurances through spiritual convictions, or dimension of the respective patients’ lives. They relay on their physicians for help in their spiritual needs. However, little information on the certain role that a physical therapist has on a patient’s spiritual health. Spiritual assessment develops understanding in quarantine measures thus help in patients’ progressive recovery.
What went well?
The co-operation between the patients, physicians, and me went well. However, not all patients were able to co operate due to some factors. I followed my schedule to the latter, and only squeezed a few ho during the study.
Different aspects to be considered in future
The type of questionnaire to be used showed consist of direct questions relevant to the study topic. The questionnaire is supposed to clearly tally views and bring about a reasonable argument at the end of the study period. The study should be able to capture a multitude of observation and present results that can be use even in future analysis as it examine trends that are used to predict the future this is in respect to patients and their spiritual beliefs as well as perceptions.
The need of changing assessment to better address future challenges?
Some of the people I interviewed were not comfortable with the questions that I asked them. Patients who are ignorant and do not have any ideas on the importance of spiritual beliefs are supposed to be included in the study as it stipulates the challenges facing patients in relation to spiritual beliefs. The challenges encountered in my study in this case include: lack of knowledge in the benefits of keeping a spiritual history. Lack of adequate time in the analysis was an issue. Finally, misunderstanding of questions in the study. The result of these challenges is, the data provided is not 100% of actual truth.
From the research, majority of the people, roughly 96%, felt the importance of spiritual health. The lack of experience and knowledge in spiritual history was one of the major barriers to the study.

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