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End of Life Care Subject: Professor: February 24, 2013 End of Life Care Introduction Nursing professionals are bound by ethical and legal standards. The research delves on end of life nursing care. The research delves on nursing roles during end of life situations…
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End of Life Care
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Download file to see previous pages The same nurses constantly supply allowable medical information to the end of life patients’ families and friends. The nurses’ healthcare training and years of actual medical experience equips the nurses with the capacity to contribute influential recommendations to the decision making process, especially in terms of terminating the end of life patients’ earthly abode. Consequently, the nurses must be allowed to contribute their share to end of life patients’ decision making activities (Els et al., 2008). In the business world, customers pay for the services of the company. The company uses the customers’ payments to pay for the expenses needed to continue the company’s daily business operations. The business operation expenses include the salaries of the line and staff employees, electricity expense, water expense, and telephone expense. The company uses the customers’ payments to purchase the latest business equipments and inventories. Without the customers, the company will be forced to close shop. Further, the same business principle applies to the healthcare facilities. Nurses must prioritize the end of life patients’ rights in the exercise of their duties as nurses (Westrick, 2008). Without the patients, the healthcare facilities will not receive cash inflows. ...
The healthcare facilities’ expenses also include the usual electricity expense, water expense, and telephone expense. The healthcare facilities use the patients’ payments to acquire the latest healthcare equipments, tools and inventories. Without the cash payments from the healthcare patients, the healthcare facilities, including the hospitals and home for aged facilities, the healthcare facilities will have no other recourse except to file for bankruptcy proceedings. Likewise, Mary Cooke and Ciaran Hurley emphasized that the patients should be given a greater role in deciding whether to continue end of life medical intervention (Cooke, M., Ciaran, H., 2008). Healthcare service is a partnership between the service providers and the service providers’ patients. The financial factors contribute to the partnership between the healthcare parties. One of the factors is finance. The poor patients cannot afford retaining the healthcare services of the healthcare facilities. The healthcare facilities cannot continue serving the needs of the patients if they cannot pay for the services of the healthcare facilities. Further, the healthcare workers, including the nursing professionals, must bend to the preferences of the patients (Cooke, M., Ciaran, H., 2008). For example, the patients can choose to be roomed at the ward or cheapest bed area within the healthcare facilities. The patients may not be able to pay for the exclusive or higher costing rooms of the healthcare facilities. Medical professionals and the nurses must bend to the wishes of the patients to prescribe cheaper but similarly effective medicines. The doctors and nurses should implement the patients’ preferences to under cheaper medical procedures, when the patients’ finances prevent the patients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“End of Life Care Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1468581-end-of-life-care.
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