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Ethics in Healthcare: Formulating the Dilemma - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Ethics in Healthcare: Formulating the Dilemma" explains that Health care ethics is a vital subject in the health care system as it evaluates the processes of making good choices that are based on beliefs and values regarding various aspects of life…
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Ethics in Healthcare: Formulating the Dilemma
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Extract of sample "Ethics in Healthcare: Formulating the Dilemma"

Download file to see previous pages In order to contribute in the best way nurses can, it is necessary to have appropriate judgment and decision making skills. In the specified zone of health care ethics, the successful establishment of nurses is not possible if they are unable to make adequately right decisions, and/or if they lack judgment skills. Bastable believes that the role played by the nurses is that of a ‘caregiver’ (5). Thus, during the process of coming to a decision regarding the status of patients, it is necessary for nurses to not commence through logical verifications or commonsensical conjectures; where they take risks being unaware of what the results or consequences might be. This verifies that without the help of proper ethical decisions and judgment skills, a nurse and the staff cannot cooperate in helping the patients or assisting themselves improve and become an active part of the society.
In terms of the specified case example we can view a particular case in which being a nurse, Melissa Y has to confront Ms. X who works at the same chronic pain relief clinic with a specified number of inpatient beds. The former clinician has found out through personal validations and by the elucidation of other witnesses that Ms. X has been drawing out narcotic medications that is meant to be used for the patients. This ethical dilemma has various sides to be analyzed by Melissa as her professional values verify that she, rather follow and hunt down the case while along with her personal values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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