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Ethical Position4.2 - Essay Example

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Ethical position: impact of ethical dilemmas in modern nursing practice University/College Lecturer Date Introduction Despite the fact that there is no specific definition of morality other than the consciousness of right and wrong, different schools of through have always tried to develop a set of ethical considerations that are deemed fit for professional practice…
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Ethical Position4.2
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Download file to see previous pages While the idea invokes personal commitment, several legal responsibilities have since been ratified to compel medical practitioners to account for their actions and behaviour in the course of duty (Chaloner, 2007). Benefits of good nursing practice to patient and society Critical evaluation of objective approach to nursing ethics suggests that the good nursing has a number abstract benefits to the patient, society and the institution. To begin with, patients often feel appreciated and respected when nurse recognize and respect their rights. A typical example is the right to informed consent where nurses provide patients with relevant clinical information and the desired outcome of a proposed intervention. Patients are then consulted to give informed consent while exercising autonomy over the choice of medical care they wish to receive. The comfort that comes with giving informed consent also makes the patient responsible for the outcome of the chosen intervention as reiterated by Guido (2010). Secondly, particular consideration of the professional code of ethics is another important aspect of evaluating the benefits of good nursing. ...
The society develops trust and confidence in healthcare facilities that have demonstrated outstanding commitment for professionalism, accountability and respect for patient needs (Cowen & Moorhead, 2011). From a different perspective, matters of confidentiality also form an integral part of the moral obligation in modern nursing practice. According to Guido (2010), nurses are required to keep all medical information of patient’s private and confidential at all times unless when there is undisputed evidence that keeping such information poses significant threat to the community. Otherwise, the knowledge that nurses might compromise the ethics of confidentiality could discourage patients from revealing pertinent details about their medical history and they can find it also difficult to confide in nurses. Such uncertainties have the potential of provoking anxiety and psychological distress among patients with sensitive health conditions which they might not want many people to know about as observed by Chaloner (2007). These challenges can affect patient recovery or even worsen the condition especially in cases of mental health dilemmas. Current condition of healthcare in America As it stands today, America is a cosmopolitan society with a political, social and economic welfare statues that has been transformed by memories of struggle, tragedy and costly sacrifices aimed at America a better place for human habitation. No one is willing to see these milestones go down the drainage due to inadequate commitment to uphold excellence and professionalism across all spheres of human interaction in America. This realization is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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