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Reflection on Ethics - Essay Example

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In most cases, the situations that happen in our day to day lives provide a roadmap for these questions. They sometimes make us hesitate, and reflect on the moral quality of the most probable modes of actions or…
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Reflection on Ethics
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Extract of sample "Reflection on Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages This automatically creates an ethical dilemma: if Mark does not buy his girlfriend a present, she will be disappointed in him. On the other hand, if he buys, she will be happy but not for long as she might learn about the incident and rebuke him. Mark will also live in guilt and at its worst; it might metamorphose to a nasty police case.
In the health sector, there are ethical problems. Everyone knows the problems that arise with medical techniques such as artificial insemination, organ transplants, plastic surgeries and other techniques. In most cases, when faced by moral dilemmas, people may apply existing guidelines, for instance those passed by an ethics committee, an existing statement of policy or “common sense," “rules of behavior” or mostly “the way things are done” (Leer 206). What we apply to solve ethical dilemmas is not considered in many cases, what matters are the paths which we will take to solve those problems. More often than not, our environment plays a major role on our standards. This environment includes our families, culture and our own internal reflection. Culture comprises of religion, customs, etc.
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with questions of morality. This branch has instinctively played a major role in our decisions. Based on the philosophy, there are models of moral theories which exist. However, moral theories such as the right theory (moral rights), utilitarianism and theory of justice are of more influence on our lives. The right theory considers the respect to be accorded to every individual member of the society as well as their fundamental and basic rights. However, critics of this theory say that it does not take responsibility of the costs and benefits of getting respect for another’s right. Hence, most people tend to say that “your rights end where mine begin." This loophole does not make this theory very appealing.
The individuals who subscribe to the theory of justice as their moral ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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