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According to the administrator, anti-aging technologies are bound to be used in large scale in the near future in spite of the ethical dilemmas that surround their application. In his view, anything that can prolong the life of a human being without harming another human is…
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Antiaging technologies
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Philosophy and Worldview in Relation to Antiaging Technologies Anti-aging technologies are to a lot of debate on moral and ethical grounds. The following sections of the paper presents the philosophy and world view of an administrator in
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The administrator was contacted and interviewed by phone.
According to the administrator, anti-aging technologies are bound to be used in large scale in the near future in spite of the ethical dilemmas that surround their application. In his view, anything that can prolong the life of a human being without harming another human is welcome. In fact, if immortality was achievable by any means, it would be a major breakthrough for mankind. In respect of these arguments, the administrator’s philosophy is that antiaging technologies are positive technologies that ought to be embraced by the masses for their positive effects in relation to prolonging life.
The administrator believes that almost every normal person wishes to live long and remain youthful to a given level. In respect of this, the administrator believes that increasing people’s life expectancies is one of the major duties of a health facility. In his view, those who are opposed to anti-aging technologies are “new puritans” in that they are ready to oppose medical advancements on every single ground. The administrator claims that humans have doubled their lifespan from time immemorial. In respect of the same, using anti-aging technologies should be embraced worldwide without having to find new sources of stem cells.
The hospital administrator interviewed is for the idea of using anti-aging technologies. According to him, human life ought to be prolonged to the greatest extent possible in spite of the associated dilemmas. He believes that humans have always sought to increase their life expectancy from time immemorial and therefore anti-aging technologies should be equally embraced. Read More
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Antiaging Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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