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al. (2002) focused their study on whether or not elderly women could meet the recommended level of physical activity when heavy housework was allowed to be counted. This study concentrated on women aged 60-79. It was concluded that the majority of elderly women…
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Middle aged women and their health (this is for a womens health class)
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Download file to see previous pages This was changed to have a focus on what could be accomplished in everyday life at a moderate level.
This article, researching physical activity, was conducted using questionnaires and interviews. There were 2, 341 participants. This study was not considered experimental since it did not require the use of a control group. Since this study was based on self-reporting from the participants, there is always the concern of the accuracy of the results. I would suggest repeating the study using a smaller number of participants and conducting it in a supervised setting. One thought would be to have the participants video themselves while cleaning to monitor the time spent, the level of activity and the number of days a week. The fact that the results were totally based on statements from the participants automatically leads to questions of accuracy.
This article focused on bone density. The authors conducted research to determine if long term estrogen use has an effect on bone density. The research showed that it takes at least seven years of estrogen use after menopause in order to make a positive impact on bone density levels. It is questionable whether or not estrogen has any effect on women 75 years old and older.
This research project had two distinct groups of participants; those taking estrogen and those who did not. This study could be considered experimental in that there was a control group and the results were compared between the two groups. The only component that is dependent upon the participants is the actual taking of the estrogen. This, however, can be verified through medical testing. The results were determined through the medical testing of bone density, so I consider the results of this research more valid that the previous study.
An important factor about this study is the length of time that a women must take the estrogen in order for it to be effective in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Middle aged women and their health (this is for a womens health class) Annotated Bibliography. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/nursing/1588145-middle-aged-women-and-their-health-this-is-for-a-womens-health-class
(Middle Aged Women and Their Health (this Is for a Womens Health Class) Annotated Bibliography)
Middle Aged Women and Their Health (this Is for a Womens Health Class) Annotated Bibliography. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1588145-middle-aged-women-and-their-health-this-is-for-a-womens-health-class.
“Middle Aged Women and Their Health (this Is for a Womens Health Class) Annotated Bibliography”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1588145-middle-aged-women-and-their-health-this-is-for-a-womens-health-class.
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