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Communication is considered as the lifeblood of the organization because without effective communication, an organization may not be able to achieve what it intends to achieve. Effective communication therefore not only ensures that the leaders are able to communicate what they…
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Download file to see previous pages Theoretically, communication therefore requires a constant exchange of information and ideas from one person to another therefore to make it more rewarding and effective, communication needs to be performed in a certain manner. Effective communication therefore is essential in ensuring that the organizational values and objectives are clearly communicated to the relevant persons.
Servant leaders work in relatively different manner and the overall theoretical basis of this style of leadership are different too. It is however, critical to understand that since servant leaders work in an environment where they have to take care of the needs of their followers communication therefore becomes one of the key elements to be managed. (Blanchard, Hybels and Hodges)As such communication is not only the essential elements for the leadership but for the management also. Managers must need to develop ability to clearly communicate to the subordinates to achieve the organizational objectives.
Communication is considered as the lifeblood of the organization and if for some reasons, the communication is taken out of the organization, it can fail. In order to successfully accomplish tasks, communication is considered as essential. Communication is also considered as one of the basic elements of the management because it is extensively used by the managers to help them to accomplish their tasks. More specifically, communication is required for exchanging information, ideas, proposals, making sales etc. Communication therefore is used in almost every function performed by the managers.
Internal Communication is a communication which takes place within the organization and managers mostly use internal communication to achieve their objectives. Effective internal communication is therefore considered as important to properly address the organizational concerns as well as issues and managers must ensure to address them properly.
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