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I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, at CSUDH where I mastered primary qualities of independence, self-drive and desire to succeed in my subsequent program of…
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Personal statement
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Personal ment I began laying foundations for my career by enrolling in wide Nursing Program by distance learning. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, at CSUDH where I mastered primary qualities of independence, self-drive and desire to succeed in my subsequent program of Master Science in Nursing, MSN.
My nursing experience has been enriched with great deal of professional skills and knowledge. I have sufficient professional ability in Diabetic care, for working in the Metabolic unit and attending to ketoadiodic patients; Homehealth, while working in the Oncology unit. I demonstrated my skills by starting a debut “high tech” home health agency where I together with my fellow practitioners infused blood products, IVIG, pain management and chemotherapy agents.
I further gained knowledge and skills, two years after successful training in the Metabolic and Oncology units, in handling open heart patients and trauma patients while working in the ICU. Having demonstrated further skills in leadership and critical decision making in difficult situations, I was promoted to nurse in charge position.
With 8 years into the promotion as charge nurse, I got a transfer to the Emergency medicine where I continued to naturally demonstrate my leadership qualities. I developed a comprehensive plan to enhance and facilitate the delivery of the emergency care in the ER. This plan entailed patients the highest priority and emphasizing on the customer service. This was the cause of my immediate promotion to the position of the Director of the Emergency Department.
I returned to outpatient job after 12 years in the ER. Currently I am employed with a pharmacy as an infusion nurse where I handle Pulmonary Hypertension patients and those in need of enzyme replacement or IVIG infusions. I also partly work with other hospitals, offering education on therapies to nurses and physicians on the same caliber. All these time I have focused on developing further my assessment skills and ability to make critical decisions and multitasking.
Personally, I regard a Nurse Practitioner as important personnel in modern healthcare services. In most cases, the practitioner assists the Managing Director to deliver care; without them, almost all patients can go unattended. In addition, they examine patients professionally and help them make good decisions concerning health. Practitioners are a necessity for the successful delivery of healthcare.
I chose nurse practitioner for several reasons: firstly, I have enough time to study nursing. Secondly, my experience in different fields of nursing has served to grow my interest in nursing. Thirdly, being a volunteer for the Flying Samaritans, I have, with nursing experience at hand, a complement that has tremendously enhanced my work as a volunteer. To further my skills and confer them to healthcare needs, I have chosen to pursue FNP. I expect to excel in the FNP program having performed highly in my BSN from CSUDH where I was under instruction of highly qualified professors. By achieving the best in my BSN through independent education, I have mastered the quality of personal integrity and self-drive to achieve.
I can describe myself as compassionate, organized, highly motivated, ambitious and flexible person who is flexible to rapidly changing environments of technology and ideas. My conspicuous weakness is that of multitasking so that I have to include additional task of evaluation of everything I do. This can sometimes be tedious.
I strongly believe there is nothing inherent in me that could take my interest away from the FNP program unless for the external inevitable circumstances that cannot be mitigated in favor of my pursuance of the program. On that note I have put any other program that demands my time resource on hold so as to give myself more time for the FNP program. Also I have ensured that my work schedule is in synch with my course schedule. I have a great support from those around me from work and from family. Nothing more could inspire me to carry on. Furthermore I have put in place appropriate measure to cover full clinical hours despite my tight schedule due to fulltime employment. I have not sacrificed any time of important activities I am engaged in. I have even been able to incorporate pediatrics, women’s health, adult and geriatric programs to widen my experience.
My career goals are simple; I plan to own the Flying Samaritan clinic and to volunteer to use my Spanish language skill to attend to patients of different age groups, from children through to the elderly. Even with all these tremendous experience, I understand how competitive the job market is and I may not be the preferred one for this position. In which case, I still have the option of continuing with my work as a volunteer, which I love. I am though very optimistic that I can be the best. If I am, then I shall do my best. Read More
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