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It formulation and continuous stages of implementation have faced enormous challenges, especially opposition alongside legal opposition. The bill is considered by many as…
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US New Health Care Bill The American new health care bill is aimed at extending health insurance tothe entire American community. It formulation and continuous stages of implementation have faced enormous challenges, especially opposition alongside legal opposition. The bill is considered by many as one that seeks to force Americans to take health care coverage, instead of leaving it to them to decide what to do about the health care system(s) to adopt. Insurance exchanges are said to characterize individual insurance policy buyers, while the low and middle income earners will receive federal subsidies to assist them purchase the private health insurance covers. However, the insurance companies will have to provide coverage to every individual, without limit even to those with pre-existing health conditions. This process has been termed unconstitutional by US state supreme courts, arguing that the Americans should not be forced into health care coverage.
Whether or not the bill solves the issue of health care as a privilege depends on the general implication of implementing the bill. The bill is likely to throw away individual mandate if implemented. What this means for the healthcare industry is that the pricing policies in the industry are prone to enormous changes that may not end up favoring the end user of the health insurance. Individual mandate provides a constant and a large pool of insurance coverage purchasers. In this regard, repealing the individual mandate is likely to increase American health insurance premiums. It is important to point out that the Americans who will be without insurance cover will opt to make use of emergency rooms as their healthcare procedure. As a result, the accrued costs from emergency rooms procedure will be shifted to the insured. The law’s purpose is to extend health insurance coverage to the American community. However, the law is prone to failure in the context of the high insurance premiums. This bill therefore, and the resultant law therein may not solve the health care issue as anticipated.
The new health care bill has taken ethical and legal turns, with its applicability and benefit to the American society questioned. The Americans are expected to be health insured by the year 2014. Violation of this law will attract penalties as outlined in the law. However, the entire process has been termed unethical, because the law seeks to force people to comply. Freedoms of choice are hereby violated. The insurance companies will also be forces to cover all individuals, those with pre-existing health conditions inclusive. It is because of this fact that the administrative departments of the federal government have been said to have over-used their due power. The implications of the bill have been termed unconstitutional, not by one, but by up to 26 state supreme courts. Forcing the American people to comply with the bill will have to overcome many underlying constitutional barriers, given that the entire process is deemed to be dictatorial. Read More
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