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An Introduction to the US Health Care System - Case Study Example

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The case study "An Introduction to the US Health Care System" states that the Health care system is undoubtedly one of the most significant social systems. In every nation, the health care system is given special attention by the respective authorities. …
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An Introduction to the US Health Care System
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Extract of sample "An Introduction to the US Health Care System"

Download file to see previous pages Health care reform is considered to be an important responsibility of any government. In simple terms, health care reform refers to the reform in the health care system and/or in some parts of this system.

This paper is developed to serve the purpose of providing a clear review of the literature that is available with respect to the Health Care Reform in the U.S. In the process of doing so, the paper includes a brief history of the health care system and reforms in the context of US. Furthermore, it also contains the present situation of health care reform in the country.

It is important to review the literature regarding the US health care system before reviewing the literature regarding US health care reform. The significant volume of literature can be found related to the US health care system. Steven Jonas, Karen Goldsteen and Raymond Goldsteen in their “An introduction to US Health Care System” have opined that the health care system in the US is very similar to the systems of the other nations where ‘allopathic medical model’ is mainly followed (Jonas, Goldsteen & Goldsteen, 2007). However, it has several features that are unique in nature when compared to the health care systems of other countries. While providing a brief overview of the United States health care system, Jonas and Goldsteens have said that an important aspect of the US health care system is that it is significantly fragmented and decentralized (Jonas, Goldsteen & Goldsteen, 2007). Its main function and role are significantly focused on the production of outcomes. It remarkably emphasizes on the profits and power of the service providers. In US, health care is provided but it does not come at a low cost. High-end education and researches that are related to health care are provided and funded. Surely there are loci of control and power. In the US as such, there is no central Ministry of Health. The system allows physicians to earn a significantly huge amount of money by means of private medical practices.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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