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The age bracket given is considered most sexually active and it is during this time that they are very vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections including the…
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Increasing rate of HIV (see attachment)
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Increasing rate of HIV/AIDS. SUMMARY. The focused group discussion will mainly aim at reaching outto youth who are within the age bracket of 13-24 years. The age bracket given is considered most sexually active and it is during this time that they are very vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections including the dreaded HIV/AIDS (Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2008). Circumcision has proven to reduce the chances of one getting infected by up to 60% (Denniston et al, 1999). This was from a research conducted in three countries, Kenya, Republic of South Africa and Tanzania between the years 2006-2009.
The venue chosen was considered to be private enough to offer a good chance for idea exchange amongst the youths. The place is also centrally situated and in an open area which would mean ease of access by those willing to attend. The area has limited traffic jam; this would reduce time wasted on the way to the venue on the material day.
The designed flier will be distributed in schools, video dens, and local youth groups in the area, local social and recreational centers. These areas are considered to be major catchment areas of the target group.
The main information which will be collected from the focus group discussion will be the number of youths who have undergone the medical male circumcision. It will also be an opportunity to find out whether the target group is aware of the benefits of this surgical procedure (Taylor, 2010). If they would wish to go for the procedure after the discussion, for those who will not be at that time circumcised, they will then be offered the service free of charge. As for the already circumcised, sharing their experience with the uncircumcised with the motive of encouraging them to go for it will be of great value.
Those who shall attend the focus group discussion will have the opportunity of receiving free STI screening and treatment in case one if found to be suffering from any of the infections. There shall also be free refreshments for those in attendance. Few individuals will be chosen from the group to be the area ambassadors for the course.

Report on the Global AIDS Epidermic,(2008): Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic; World Health Organization.
Denniston G.C et al, (1999). Male and Female Circumcision: Springer
Robert B. Taylor, (2010): Essential Medical Facts Every Clinician Should Know: Springer Read More
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