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This short article tells about the obsessive–compulsive disorder. There some types of this disorder and all of them are different. For individual who meet the stated criteria, there is an array of tests that are available…
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Diagnostic tests for OCD
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Diagnostic tests for OCD Diagnostic tests for OCD For OCD, there is no single diagnostic test that can be done on an individual to determine the presence of the disorder. In fact, there is no known laboratory diagnostic technique that is recommended to test for the presence of OCD in an individual. The only diagnostic tests that are available include an analysis of exhibited symptoms to arrive at a succinct conclusion on the presence of OCD. To get the information required, the Y-BOCS test that administers a series of questions to a patient and rates them using a scale 0-40 can be utilized. An alternative test administered may be the Padua inventory.
As stated by the fourth edition of the DSM-IV, there are specific criteria that an individual must meet in order for the diagnosis to be carried out. The criteria involves having either compulsions or obsessions of some kind, having the realization that these compulsions or obsessions are unreasonable as well as the knowledge that they negatively impact on how one conducts their daily lives.
For individual who meet the stated criteria, there is an array of tests that are available. These include the examination in a clinical setting, of ones emotional past, an examination of the family history of the individual, and use of the present symptoms evident in the patients. Such symptoms may those that result in considerable distress, significantly have a negative impact on an individual’s productivity, and last for periods exceeding an hour each day. A score of above 20 in the Y-BOCS may indicate obsessive disorder and 40 may indicative of compulsion.
The tests are appropriate since by establishing all these facts as regards ones symptoms, the possibility of the individual suffering mental illnesses, depression, or anxiety attacks can be ruled out. After verifying the presence of OCD, an individual can then seek timely treatment.
McGrath, P. (2007). The OCD Answer Book: Professional Answer to More Than 250 Top
Questions About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Naperville: Sourcebooks, Inc. Read More
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