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The Parameters and Results Displayed in Sysmex UF-100 - Assignment Example

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The paper “The Parameters and Results Displayed in Sysmex UF-100” summarizes the benefits, utility, and reliability of UF-100, its ability to replace conventional microscopic analysis, the means to detect UTI, the ideal laboratory method of diagnosis of UTI, semi-automatic methods etc. …
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The Parameters and Results Displayed in Sysmex UF-100
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Download file to see previous pages The urine conductivity is measured in Sysmex UF-100. The formed elements or cells are analyzed by electrical impedance for volume, by forwarding light scatter for size. To enhance the contrast fluorescent dyes like phenanthridine is used to delineate DNA and carbocyanine is used to stain the cell membranes. The cells will naturally vary in their sizes, shapes, volumes, and staining characteristics. Depending on these criteria, the cells and formed elements will be categorized in multidimensional space.
The results in Sysmex UF-100 are displayed in scattergrams on a screen and a printout of the results can be taken to be analyzed.
It is a very reliable method of complete automated urinalysis. It can perform sensitive quantitative microscopic urinalysis completely automatically without the intervention of an operator or attendance of an analyst. Thus, this is capable of accurate and precise quantification of microscopic elements in urine with no interaction. In studies, it has been proved that the results bear concordance with other studies, such as automated Dipstick reader.
Conventional microscopic analysis cannot be substituted by Sysmex UF-100. Microscopic sediment analysis combined with UF-100 can improve the quality and productivity of urinalysis. Also, this can greatly reduce the number of specimens sent for microscopic examination of urine specimens.
Combined analysis by a strip reader and automated counting can reduce the number of urine microscopic examinations, can reduce turn-around times, can reduce manual labor, thus can attend many patients who can be treated rapidly in case of an established UTI. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Parameters and Results Displayed in Sysmex UF-100 Assignment.
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