The Performance of Navi-Sailor 3000 Electronic Chart Display and Information System - Assignment Example

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This assignment analyses and evaluates the Navi-Sailor 3000 software for route planning and monitoring by creating a passage plan. Additionally, the writer discusses the user-friendliness during operation. The results reveal several advantages and certain limitations of the software…
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The Performance of Navi-Sailor 3000 Electronic Chart Display and Information System
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Download file to see previous pages An electronic chart is ECDIS only if it adheres to the performance standards authorized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). A basic measure of IMO standard is; feature assessment, and functions for a safe utility to serve the navigation purpose (IMO, 1995).With an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS), ECDIS assist and enhance navigation performance by automatically determining the position (Gould et al.2009).In this way locating position becomes a simplified task, however, according to Sauer et al. (2002), the system monitoring requirement increases with ECDIS. But ECDIS has got an edge which can not be ignored. Its most important advantage is designing and monitoring. Route designing was manually done in the past, ECDIS made it much easier and the process more efficient. Moreover, manual designing can damage the chart and can hide important description on the chart (Yu-xin et al. 2004). 2.1. The basic purpose of Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS Navi-Sailor 3000 provides the navigator with all the information from different navigational sensors presented in an electronic navigational chart. All the information provided at on chart assist in ensuring a safe passage. Route planning functionality is enhanced by different functions and integrations (ZORA, 2009). According to TRANSAS (2009), Navi-Sailor 3000 is developed to not only meet SOLAS convention but also to meet the requirement of IMO resolution to be implemented in all commercial vessels and Military ships. 2.2. Feature Appraisal of Navi-Sailor 3000 Software Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS assists the navigator in understanding the marine environment by numerous functions and features. Nearly all the features that ensure safe navigation are available by the software, for instance, beacons, buoys, lighthouses, areas, and dangerous objects. Some of the functions used are Positioning Route planning and monitoring Alarms Electronic log and Playback Function ECDIS and Navi-Sailor 3000 Integration 2.2.1. Positioning The system is fully prepared to assist the navigator by providing all the essential information. Current ship position and motion vector is displayed at the top position as shown in figure 1. In addition, radar/ARPA information and AIS data are also obtained from this system. Furthermore, Navi-Sailor 3000 also provides a feature of ship contour display according to parameters and chart scale. The additional date is obtained from the system’s navigational sensors. Figure 1: Current ship position (TRANSAS, 2009) 2.2.2 Route planning and monitoring Through route planning feature, Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS provide; geographical data, such as course and waypoints, scheduled information, such as estimated time of arrival and departure, and average speed, weather calculations, and other updated information. In addition to route planning function, ‘Check Route’ function is also available. It enables route checking from threats to navigation. There are customization options to set the mode by the user according to varying safety contours and depth. Planned route can also be checked and amended simultaneously.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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