No Interruption Zone on Medication Safety in Intensive Care Units - Research Paper Example

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The review is based on the following objectives, to determine the major causes of medication errors in the intensive care unit and to investigate the strategies that can be used to Reduce Medication Errors in the intensive care unit.This gives the background of the problem…
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No Interruption Zone on Medication Safety in Intensive Care Units
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Extract of sample "No Interruption Zone on Medication Safety in Intensive Care Units"

 No Interruption Zone on Medication Safety in Intensive Care Units According to Biaskman and Rog (2008) literature review entails the systematic identification, location and analysis of books and other documents containing information related to the research problem being studied. Literature review should be extensive and through because it is aimed at obtaining detailed knowledge of the topic being studied.
The review is based on the following objectives, to determine the major causes of medication errors in the intensive care unit and to investigate the strategies that can be used to Reduce Medication Errors in the intensive care unit. This gives the background of the problem, generating the knowledge gap of the research study. This makes the review support the problem statement and the research questions.
According to Blanche (2002), a good literature review uses the most current articles and this gives a rationale for the need of a given study. This review used recent articles that were within the range of five years. He used articles from 2000 to 2009 mainly from medicinal areas and specialization in medicine. Hence, the review used relevant materials that are relevant to the topic of study and that can elaborate on the issues of medicinal errors in the intensive care unit.
Furthermore, the review supports the needs of the study which is mainly medicinal errors that occur in the intensive care unit due to interruptions among the nurses. This is evident, in the illustrations provided in the review under objective one medication errors and incidence in the intensive care unit. The second objective provides reviews on the strategies that can be used to reduce medication errors in the intensive care unit.
A research design is a strategy, a plan or road map for planning and conducting any study (Borg, 2003). In this research, the study measured the various interruptions that affected the nurses during the preparation stage in the intensive care unit. This study used quasi-experimental design to observe and to compare the number of interruptions in medication preparation process.
The variables were; the dependent variable a nurse preparation on medication for administration at one of the medication preparation areas and independent variable were the Interruption that interrupts the nurse in the preparation process. The study mainly used the nurses within the intensive care unit and their patients as the study sample.
Quasi Experimental design is the most appropriate design for the study (Gall and Borg 2003). In this design, the researcher studies the effect of the treatment on the intact groups rather than being able to randomly assign participants to the experimental or control groups. This is most applicable in studies that deal with the human being health issues. (Best and Khan 2008).
Based on this critique, the review revels the knowledge gap of the problem under investigation. It elaborates on medicinal errors, incidence and strategies that can be used to reduce the chances of medicinal errors in the intensive care unit. The study used quasi-experimental design to manupilate the variables and answer the research question in relation to the research objectives. Similarly, the study used a suitable sample to conduct the experiment so as to reveal the real out come of the interruption in the preparation stage making the design the most appropriate for the study.

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