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A 2009 study by Djousse, Lee, Buring, and Gaziano investigated the link between alcohol consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD) related events, including death. The authors base the need for this study in the lack of available research that addresses the topic, and the…
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Article Review: Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Women Here s Here Article Review: Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Women
A 2009 study by Djousse, Lee, Buring, and Gaziano investigated the link between alcohol consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD) related events, including death. The authors base the need for this study in the lack of available research that addresses the topic, and the potential insight that may be gained from better understanding the relationship between alcohol and CVD.
Their experiment included over 26000 female subjects (mean age near 55 years old) that provided blood samples at the baseline time of the study. Alcohol consumption was measured using a questionnaire, and the occurrence of CVD events were obtained from an existing database of medical information. Blood related measurements included hemoglobin A1c concentration, HDL, LDL, fibrinogen, and triglyceride levels. Demographic data, diet information, and medical history were also obtained at baseline. The researchers used factor analysis models to determine the extent of the alcohol-CVD relationship through the evaluation of intermediate variables.
The results show a J-shaped relationship between alcohol and CVD events. They also found that the reduced risk of CVD found in moderate drinkers is mostly explained by the effect of alcohol on intermediate health factors such as lipids, metabolism, inflammatory agents, and blood pressure. Appropriately, the authors suggest that these findings will need to be tested across populations in order to clarify the mechanisms involved in the relationship model.
The quality of this research is strengthened through the large sample size included for analysis. It would have been an improvement to offer a breakdown of the results based on the obtained demographic data, though the task may have over-complicated the results. Overall this research presents worthy information that should prove fruitful.
Djousse, L., Lee, I., Buring, J. E., & Gaziano, J. M. (2009). Alcohol consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease and death in women. Circulation, 120, 237-244. Read More
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