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Blood is a medium for carrying oxygen and nutrients for various body parts, and the heart functions as a pump for pushing blood all over the…
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Congestive heart failure
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Download file to see previous pages Diseases and agents that weaken heart muscle contraction, especially ventricular muscle, for example, heart attacks, infections of heart muscle (myocarditis), toxins, chronic alcohol abuse and some chemotherapeutic agents (systolic dysfunction).
They vary amongst many patients depending on the type (whether it is systolic or diastolic) and the organs affected. Fatigue is the earliest symptom of CHF due to inadequacy of the heart to perform its function.
The diagnosis of CHF entails; having noteworthy knowledge about the medical history of the patient; carefully taking a proper history concerning the present condition of the patient; carefully conducting a physical examination and conducting the necessary laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis. This will assist the health care expert identify signs that are consistent with CHF.
Treatment should start immediately CHF is diagnosed in a patient. For one, lifestyle modification should be used so that no further fluid is retained in the body. This is done through regulation of sodium intake in food, since sodium increases fluid in the body. Restriction of alcohol intake and monitoring fluid intake also manages the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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