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I imagine that certain details from life experience and even observations that have imprinted themselves into our sub conscious are major contributing factors and so I do…
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Graduate Admission
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GRADUATE ADMISSION Master of Science in Nursing 16th October Who can really know exactly what steers a person toward a specific career and whenthat decision is made. I imagine that certain details from life experience and even observations that have imprinted themselves into our sub conscious are major contributing factors and so I do not recall precisely why I decided on nursing but having done so, my dreams and ambitions in the field have grown. My desire to learn has also grown with the knowledge of people who are desperate for help from specialist in my chosen field.
The instances of chronic disease worldwide is a huge cause for alarm and in third word countries the levels are reaching catastrophic levels in areas such as Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. In particular I have seen the results of a worsening chronic and infectious diseases outbreak in Haiti following an earthquake which has left 1.3 million people homeless. Haiti has a population of 9.7 million people and only 1 in 5 persons has a job. Malnutrition is a massive problem and there are 200,000 people living with HIV. Only half of the children are protected against basic diseases such as measles and diphtheria through vaccination. I have seen vision on news items and documentary痴 of the work being done by doctors and nurses in these areas and I have developed a strong desire to be part of that environment. I truly long to be able to help those the people in areas such as Haiti.
Pregnancy induced hypertension(PIH) or Toxemia is a field that I have developed a personal interest in as it was a condition that I suffered from during my own pregnancy. I can see myself being of special assistance when caring for pregnant women in countries such as Haiti and therefore have a deep seated need to learn more about Hypertension during pregnancy and its treatment, this is also a driving force toward my ambitions.
These areas would be an ideal place for me to perform community service in schools. Sex education in these third word countries where sexually transmitted diseases are rampart would be essential in helping their society to progress. I would love to be involved with the teaching of these children about these diseases, the benefits of abstinence and safe sex.
I have a long term plan, and this isnt just a school boy type dream to one day be a fireman but a definite plan in my life, to run my own clinic in a third world country. I would like to work with full autonomy in a clinic were I am caring for troubled and unfortunate people such those in Haiti. This is a situation which I would totally love to be in and I can see myself being on call to doctors on my time of and in special times of need such as emergencies.
This is the direction I intend to take after receiving my degree as a Family Nursing Practitioner and failure, for me, is not an option therefore I intend to work very hard to attain my goals and my dreams and my place in Haiti.
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