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With the vast amount of research done on the history of many chronic physical illnesses, there remains no ambiguity in the claim that financially unfortunate people who also happen to live in an unhygienic place are more exposed to severe health problems than the financially…
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Chronic physical health problem
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Chronic physical health problem: With the vast amount of research done on the history of many chronic physical illnesses, there remains no ambiguityin the claim that financially unfortunate people who also happen to live in an unhygienic place are more exposed to severe health problems than the financially stable people are. Research studies show a direct relation between earnings and chronic infection in both adults and children. The incidence of chronic physical health problem like AIDS is just one example of a chronic physical health problem that has highest incidence in famine-stricken areas of Africa, where most of the people follow a sedentary lifestyle and psychologically pressurized due to economical collapses. The major considerations in primary prevention of health problems include applying efforts to prevent diseases before they occur and adoption of measures to protect ourselves and others from unhygienic lifestyle. Nursing community can be involved in primary prevention by raising awareness among the patients about healthy lifestyle and strengthening their abilities to cope with physical and environmental stresses. Secondary prevention revolves around detecting early symptoms, taking steps to shorten the pathological process, and restoring the normal patient’s normal state of life. Nursing community can get involved in this by being responsible enough to keep the record of all the laboratory investigations so that early symptoms could be identified. Tertiary phase of prevention is primarily based on making efforts to raise the functioning level of patients once the disease passes into irreversible phase. Nursing staff can play its role here by utilizing the clinical knowledge so that awareness could be raised among patients about how they can maintain their lifestyle within the constraints of the disability (Lundy & Janes, 2009, p. 24).
Lundy, K. S. & Janes, S. (2009). Community health nursing: caring for the publics health. USA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Read More
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Chronic Physical Health Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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