Health Status in the United States and Contemporary Models of Health Care - Essay Example

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Women make about a half of the US population, and as per the current statistics available, majority of the women are in good health, but a minority of the women face health problems due to several factors such as race, ethnicity, income, age, and education (HHS, 2010). One of…
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Health Status in the United States and Contemporary Models of Health Care
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Health Status in the United s and Contemporary Models of Health Care Select a particular population and health problem of interest from your readings in overview 1 and briefly describe the health care problem.
Women make about a half of the US population, and as per the current statistics available, majority of the women are in good health, but a minority of the women face health problems due to several factors such as race, ethnicity, income, age, and education (HHS, 2010). One of the worrisome health issues faced by women is heart disease, and in the US, about 25% of the women have coronary artery disease (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 2009). This is the most common heart problem that affects both women and men. In women, heart disease is the most common cause of morbidity and mortality. Usually older women are more likely to develop heart disease compared to younger women, though the condition can occur in all age groups (Medline Plus, 2011).
Coronary artery disease is a condition that affects the arteries that supply the heart and is caused by plaque build up in the inner walls of the coronary arteries. These plaques are made of fat, cholesterol, minerals such as calcium and other substances. Several serious heart problems arise as a result of coronary artery disease including myocardial infarction (heart attack). heart failures, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, etc. The plaques in the coronary artery wall can narrow the lumen through which the blood flows to the cardiac muscles resulting in angina (Chest discomfort). Besides, in some instances, the plaques disintegrate causing the dislodgement of blood clots, which may in turn blocks the flow of blood to various parts of the heart (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 2009).
2. Discuss 2 benefits and 2 problems about using 1 of the health care delivery models from overview 2 to address the care of your population and health problem of interest.
Professional practice model (PPM) is a system of practice that consists of certain structures, processes, and values, which can enable the nurse to have greater control over the delivery of nursing care in the appropriate environment for the patient. It has 5 subsets including relationships, values, delivery model, management approach and a mean of compensating and rewarding. Values include provision of high-quality healthcare, nursing responsibility, professional development and greater autonomy. In the professional relationships, greater teamwork, partnership and collaboration should be developed. In the delivery model, the decision-making should be decentralised. In order to support professional development as well as organisation growth, an appropriate compensation and reward system should be programmed (Hoffart, 1996).
The professional practice model is ideal for nursing practice meant for women with heart disease. It is ideal as it gives greater importance to values and the environment in which nursing is practiced. As collaboration and teamwork is encouraged, decision-making is improved and the quality of care is higher, for a condition that is increasing in the industrialised world. Thus in future, the nursing professional can be better equipped to address the problems women are facing with heart diseases. though nurses find that collaborations are particularly useful in problem-solving and decision-making with relation to heart disease, nurses may have some problem in collaboration with physicians, management of cardiac diseases is often intensive and requires application of latest evidences, in a field that is moving ahead with technology (McGuiness, 2004).
3. Conclude with your assessment of how at least 2 of your advanced professional roles could be used to advance the success of that model of care.
Two of my roles include services as a critical care nurse and also as a nursing informatician. As a critical care nurse, my role would include provision of nursing care to women patients affected with a condition arising from coronary artery disease. Using the PPM Model, greater value, accountability, and autonomy would be encouraged, to provide high-quality services. Besides, as the decision-making is decentralised, as a critical care nurse, I would play a more important role in management of the patient along with the doctor and other professionals (Hoffart, 1996).
As a support role (nursing informatician), a nurse can play a greater role in preventing disease and promoting health of women affected with heart disease. Women can be better educated of the cause of heart disease and can be provided the knowledge to take greater precaution against the disease. Besides, nurses can also better explain the various procedures, drugs and surgical treatments that are available for heart disease (Goldsmith, 2010).
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