Preoperative Fasting - Research Proposal Example

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This hypothesis is significant in the sense that it would awaken the nurse on his or her duty to deliver prompt and appropriate nursing care to patients regardless of where the patients received delivery. This will be tested by monitoring the recovering rate of different…
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Preoperative Fasting
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WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT The nursing care given to a patient contributes more to the level of healthiness experienced by a patient rather than the kind of professional who delivered the patient.
This hypothesis is significant in the sense that it would awaken the nurse on his or her duty to deliver prompt and appropriate nursing care to patients regardless of where the patients received delivery. This will be tested by monitoring the recovering rate of different patients who deliver at the hands of midwives and those in the hands of MDs and comparing the recovery rate to the kind of care received by patients. The interest of the hypothesis is in the fact that it will allow for qualitative testing.
Patients who exercise regularly have higher hopes of recovering as compared to patients who do not exercise.
The significance of this hypothesis is in the fact that patients need to accept their personal responsibility in getting them recover on time. Patients will therefore be challenged to add personal efforts such as exercising to help them recover quicker. This can be tested by comparing two patients – one who exercises and another who does not. This hypothesis is interesting to me because it helps in making the work of the practitioner quite easier.
The gender of a patient is no respecter of whether or not the patient will recover from medication but rather how frequently the patient takes the medication.
This hypothesis will defeat any beliefs associated with level of recovery and gender. Rather, patients will be educated that for them to recover quickly, they need to pay frequent attention to their medications. This will be measured by assessing the recovering rates of people of both genders who take their medications in given format.
A nurses’ number of years of experience is not as necessary as a patient’s compliance to instructions if the patient is to be healed.
This hypothesis will challenge patients to keep to nursing instructions without putting their trust in the experience of the nurses. There could be both qualitative and quantitative testing of the hypothesis as the working years of nurses can be calculated but then the compliance and recovering rate in patients must be done qualitatively (Kerlinger, 1986). This is an interesting hypothesis that will make patients responsible to complaining to nursing instructions.
The length of time a patient remains under treatment can influence the rate of recovery from smoking
This hypothesis will promote monitored treatment to smoking addiction at the hands of health professional. This is because the level of recovery from smoking, if tested to be more efficient at the hands of professional will win more patients to following that path (Heppner, Kivlighan, and Wampold, 1999).
Heppner, P. P., Kivlighan, D. M., Jr., & Wampold, B. E. (1999). Research design in counseling (2nd ed.). New York: Brooks/Cole.
Kerlinger, F. N. (1986). Foundations of behavioral research (3rd ed.). Fort Worth: Holt,
Rinehart and Winston, Inc. Read More
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