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The purpose of the paper is to analyze the major aspects related with the question under discussion. The question is: Do we need new theories such as the Green Theory to fit our modern times … or are some theories timeless and could be used for these phenomena in nursing? …
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Need of Nursing Theories in the Present Scenario
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Running Head: Need of New Nursing Theories in the Present Scenario Need of Nursing Theories in the Present Scenario Need of New Nursing Theories inthe Present Scenario
The purpose of the paper is to analyze the major aspects related with the question under discussion. The question is: Do we need new theories such as the Green Theory to fit our modern times … or are some theories timeless and could be used for these phenomena in nursing? On the basis of certain academic material, the answer to the question under discussion is to be found out. The major task is to analyze that whether we need new theories in the sphere of nursing or the existing ones are sufficient.
Nursing has been a noble profession for several years. Florence Nightingale, who laid the foundation of modern nursing, did not provide any theory of nursing in specific sense. However, her contributions in adult nursing can still be comprehended and used. According to William K. Cody and Jannet W. Kenney, the philosophy of theoretical nursing greatly depends on evidence based practice. Moreover, values and techniques of person centered care play a very important role. In the book Philosophical and Theoretical perspectives of Advanced Nursing Practice, the writers the writers have laid down that theory, research and practice are all interrelated in the realm of nursing (Cody & Kenney, 2006). Analyzing the question under discussion, we have to diagnose the trends of modern nursing in this context. It should be examined that how the general theoretical approach can be utilized in modern times and what is the actual situation in the health sector.
Some theories are, of course, timeless and can be used for the phenomenon of transformation of modern nursing. Melanie McEwen and Evelyn M. Wills have elucidated this concept in their book Theoretical Basis for Nursing. The existing theories, no doubt, provide a fundamental framework for a modern nursing approach. Some of the theories provide valuable information and roadmap for the evolution of modern nursing. However, consistent assessment of the concepts along with theory development and evaluation is also important. Melanie McEwen and Evelyn M. Wills have also interrelated different important theories from other disciplines in sociologic, behavioral, and biomedical sciences. (McEwen & Wills, 2010)
Callista Roy’s model of psychiatric nursing, Dorothea Orem’s model of adult nursing and community and rehabilitation nursing, Roger’s approach of science of unitary human beings in the context of holistic nursing, etc. are almost timeless and helpful in the modern days. However, situation is rapidly changing. World wide epidemics, global warming, etc. have added new dimensions to nursing. Today’s nursing can be a lot difficult and demanding. For example, the recent outbreak of Swine Flu has presented new challenges before us. Moreover, the number of patients with multiple pathologic conditions is also increasing. Practical healthcare is often beyond correlation with the old theories.
New theories like the Green Theory and the ones that have arrived in the sphere of transcultural nursing and community health are aimed at providing us with extensive theoretical understanding of the human person. Modern philosophy of nursing should be based on ontology. The ontologic analysis of the diverse cases of multiple pathology, critical care, etc. need not be technologically supported and reviewed. We need to develop integrated approach of caring and adjust with the modern situation rapidly. Some nursing theories are of course very valuable, but new theories should evolve with the lapse of time. We definitely need more advanced theories and modern research to improve our understanding about nursing. So, the final opinion is that we need new theories such as the Green Theory to fit our modern times.
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McEwen, M. & Wills, E.M. (2010) Theoretical Basis for Nursing. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Read More
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