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Nursing Care for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions - Research Paper Example

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The author of the current research paper "Nursing Care for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions" highlights that Mental health problems are not too hard to imagine these days.  Almost everyone at some point in their lives has come to experience some form of mental health problem…
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Nursing Care for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions
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Extract of sample "Nursing Care for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions"

Download file to see previous pages The paper shall discuss the manifestations of Mr Anderson’s condition and also discuss the important related functions and interventions which shall then be implemented by this nurse in order to appropriately address Mr Anderson’s mental health problem.
I have different responsibilities as far as Mr Anderson is concerned. First and foremost, I have to recognize and accept the client as an individual (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009, p. 29). He is a person who is apart from everyone else; he has individual thoughts, emotions, and experiences which make him unique. This recognition would prompt me to treat and manage his case based on his individual circumstances, not based on generally prescribed interventions for patients manifesting his symptoms. Another responsibility that I need to fill in behalf of my client is to be his advocate (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009, p. 29). Since he is not in the best position to care for his needs, my role would be to ensure that his rights and needs as a patient are protected and cared for. My role as a patient advocate would involve “acting on the client’s behalf when he or she cannot do so” (Videbeck, 2008, p. 96). As a nurse, my role in Mr Anderson’s case is also to assess and plan his care (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009, p. 29). This assessment should be conducted in a detailed manner and in a manner appropriate to Mr Anderson’s needs and condition. The assessment process shall be discussed in detail in the paragraphs that would follow. My role as a nurse would also involve “accepting the client’s perceptions and expressions of discomfort” (Schultz & Videbeck, 2009, p. 29). I have to accept that my client’s expression of discomfort are legitimate expressions without having him prove to me that he is really feeling that way. This would help establish trust and confidence between myself and Mr Anderson and it would help him open up more about his feelings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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