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The researcher had interviewed his grandfather who is covered by Medicare and who is satisfied with the services provided under the scheme. Recently, when he had developed sudden breathless, he was immediately taken to the nearest hospice, where he was attended by the physicians and experts…
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Assignment Medicare/Medical
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Answer 1
I had interviewed my grandfather who is covered by Medicare. He is satisfied with the services provided under the scheme. Recently, when he had developed sudden breathless, he was immediately taken to the nearest hospice, where he was attended by the physicians and experts. He was diagnosed with mild anxiety attack. He was also pleasantly surprised by the tender care of the hospital sister whose patience and ministrations were probably responsible for anxiety attack to recede. Subsequently, the doctor’s advice had helped him to take better control of his health and lifestyle. He had greatly appreciated the genuine care and psychological support extended by the nurses and doctors.
Answer 2
Medicare includes emergency hospitalization, nursing care, inpatient care in hospital, including critical access hospital, hospice care and medical prescription at the time of hospitalization. His coverage also includes physical and occupational therapists. Though, he is maintaining relatively good health and is fully satisfied with the occasional checkup and one or two emergency calls to the hospital. But, he would like his coverage to be expanded to include few extra perks like medicines etc., expenses for which should be borne by the state or local council.

Answer 3
My grandparent would like to be attended by his long term physician and friend. It is not possible as the physician is otherwise employed and the coverage does not permit physician of his choice. His Medicare also does not take care of his regular prescription expenses that include blood pressure medicines and regular pain-killers used for arthritis. Dental care is also not covered.
Answer 4
The uncovered medical expenses for each month come to about $100. This is a lot of money, especially when he does not have any resources except his pension, which is nominal, looking at the increasing cost of living in the contemporary times. The inflationary trends have escalated the basic cost of the medicines and he fears that he would have to switch over to cheaper medicines or even stop taking some of the drugs as they are beyond his income and the state has yet to show any consideration for his circumstances.
Answer 5
Prior to Medicare program, grandfather’s healthcare was taken care by his employer. His employment contract had covered family healthcare and healthcare insurance. The healthcare had covered all types of medical prescription, emergencies, dental care of his family members and all inclusive hospitalization cost. During his working days, he had taken Medicare for his old age whose premium had been paid from his payroll on a monthly basis. He could not afford higher premium to include the medical prescription and which provide the consumer to choose their own doctors and hospital, it is becoming difficult for him to manage his medical bills. Read More
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Assignment Medicare/Medical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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