The Effect of Taking Creatine Supplementation on Exercise Performance - Essay Example

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The author of this research essay is mainly focused on the discussion of the effect of taking creatine supplementation on exercise performance. This paper has provided a critical review of the factors identifying creatine supplements as a viable enhancer of exercise performance…
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The Effect of Taking Creatine Supplementation on Exercise Performance
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Taking Creatine Supplementation on Exercise Performance"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the essay "The Effect of Taking Creatine Supplementation on Exercise Performance" begins with the introduction of the topic. Creatine monohydrate (Cr) is marketed as ‘nature's muscle builder’ and ‘the most legitimate sports supplement around’. Professional and amateur athletes alike are taking this alleged ergogenic aid, hoping to increase their strength and performance. Cr supplementation is claimed to increase muscle power by playing a role in the transfer of energy to help the muscle contract. Thus, it has become one of the leading sport supplements used by strength power athletes today. Reports suggest that 48% of male collegiate athletes use or have used Cr during their preparation for competition. However, the prevalence of use among strength/power athletes is much greater, and is estimated to approach more than 80% in certain sports. Cr use has also gained popularity among high school athletes, with 90% of athletes who supplement using Cr. It is clear Cr is highly used but the question remains whether it actually increases strength and power leading to an improvement in exercise performance. Also the widespread use of Cr in dietary supplements does not necessarily indicate safety or advocacy, thus there is a need to evaluate the safety of Cr.
Although the role of creatine in human metabolism has been understood for over a half-century only recently has its potential as a sport ergogenic been explored. A considerable number of studies have been published subsequently. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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