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The Users Experience of Critical Situations or Metal Psychiatric Medical Emergencies - Essay Example

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This paper "The User’s Experience of Critical Situations or Metal Psychiatric Medical Emergencies" focuses on the debilitating mental health disorders, on the healthcare approach for clinicians that has for a long time centred on the more medical symptoms of the disease. There is evidence to prove that clinicians avoid or are reluctant to speak to patients about psychological side effects. …
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The Users Experience of Critical Situations or Metal Psychiatric Medical Emergencies
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Download file to see previous pages This is not quite in line with the NICE guidelines which suggest that mental health services should be provided for patients diagnosed with debilitating mental disorders that ensures that patients, and their families and carers, are well informed, cared for and supported (
There are several case studies in the literature with respect to critical situations or metal psychiatric medical emergencies. The perspective of users of the healthcare facility offered by the healthcare services is vital to gain a proper understanding of the situation. The other important aspect is the perception of palliative care and requirements of a patient suffering from a medical crisis.
With respect to modern medicine, the French philosopher Descartes’s writings in the 17th century have had a very deep impact on the management of symptoms by healthcare professionals and their ways of approaching symptoms. This hence is reflected in both our perceptual understanding of them and consequently how we attempt to manage them. As mentioned earlier the principal outlook based on the philosophies of Cartesian dualism is that symptoms should be understood as aspects of a disordered biological state. The resultant trend is reflected in modern medicines approach to care which has largely been based on differentiating between physical and non-physical aspects of disease symptoms and subsequently targeting care at these physiological manifestations. However, most patients seldom if at all distinguish between the biological and perceptual symptoms, and indeed effective and appropriate acknowledgement of personal meanings of illness and its problems is a primary step to effective care of sick individuals and their families ( Wenger, 1993; Halldorsdottir & Hamrin, 1996). Illness, as Pellegrino (1982) defines it, is only partially defined when understood as a physiological anomaly. The experience of sickness in psychiatric/behavioural dysfunction holistically is formed by an individual's acuity of alterations in his/her existential state and should not be ignored.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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