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The paper 'Why Legal Knowledge is Important for Nurses' presents nursing practice of the day which requires a high level of legal awareness and attitude towards duty by liability and only such awareness could help a health care professional in rising up to the expectations of the profession…
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Why Legal Knowledge is Important for Nurses
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"Nurses are expected to function within the legislation, legal policies, statutes relevant to the profession and practice setting, and professional standards. The registered nurses must base their practice on an understanding and analysis of the legislation that influences nursing. Nurses are now being, and will continue to be given increased responsibility, thereby increasing their exposure to lawsuits." (Why Legal Knowledge is Important for Nurses) Therefore, in my nursing practice, I will be greatly careful about gaining an apt knowledge and awareness of the various legal liability factors and my dealings with the patients, families of patients, other nurses, and other health care practitioners will be carefully managed. Thus, I will make various changes in my nursing practice to protect myself from becoming involved in a situation where legal liability could result. Read More
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