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Evidence Base Nursing - Essay Example

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According to the research discussion, Evidence Base Nursing, nurses face situations and circumstances with regard to their position, status and role which can present specific challenges about making a particular decision or a specific course to be taken. …
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Evidence Base Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that Ms Ward has the ethical responsibility of making sure that the subjects or participants are not exposed to any kind of harm, direct or indirect when the research is being conducted. She bears the responsibility of safe guarding the subjects and patients from any kind of harm including physical, social, mental, spiritual and financial.This paper outlines that in the given scenario above, it seems logical to increase the costs of the study than compromise the quality of the data. In case Ms. Ward does have and can use some funds allocated to the study and research, by having nurse to go to the homes of these men for the collection of data and samples. Burdens and benefits should be distributed fairly and looking at the plight of these old and troubled men, it seems only fair that their burdens are reduced. Since all these patients do not appear to be well off, Ms Ward should ask for a change in protocol and get permission for a nurse to visit these men for the collection of samples and data. From the case study above, it is apparent that the group of male subjects belongs to “vulnerable population”, “those unable or incapable of giving informed consent or those who may be at high risk for unintended consequences”. The men are undergoing chemotherapy and their disease has progressed and can be categorized as “terminally ill persons”. It is Ms Ward’s ethical duty to carefully weigh the risks and benefits of the research with this vulnerable group....
Nurses may play distinct roles including those of researchers, data collectors, managers, practitioners or any third party witnessing research activity (The Royal College of Nursing Research Society: nurses and research ethics, 2003). Regardless of the role played by nurses, it is essential for them to review their actions and their impact on "vulnerable subjects or participants" (The Royal College of Nursing Research Society: nurses and research ethics, 2003). This paper aims to analyze a specific ethical concern faced by a nurse responsible for collecting data from a subject of elderly males undergoing chemotherapy.
Would it be ethical to compromise the quality of the data or to increase the costs of the study Please explain clearly Why
As the principle investigator, Ms Ward is familiar with the ethical principles and the human rights of the subject. It is also Ms Ward's responsibility to ensure that appropriate decisions as and when changes are noticed in the condition of the patients while the study is conducted. Ms Ward also bears the responsibility of sharing any important patient related health information with the review board and the protocol committee so that accurate decisions may be taken (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, Web). Before coming to any strong conclusion, it is important to judge the scenario presented in the case above.
The trial is funded by millions of dollars every year
Patients are severely ill and are receiving chemotherapy
The disease has progressed
The men are elderly and have difficulty in moving around

Before all else, Ms Ward has the ethical responsibility of making sure that the subjects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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