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Ethical Concerns: How Cost Impacts Inmate Healthcare - Essay Example

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This paper presents an assessment of various ethical concerns, which may emanate from research on how cost issues impact on inmate health care. Research ethics is an important aspect, which involves the implementation of fundamental moral and ethical principles in all research activities…
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Ethical Concerns: How Cost Impacts Inmate Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper “Ethical Concerns: How Cost Impacts Inmate Healthcare” describes the ethical concerns while conducting a scientific inquiry as it is necessary to consider and respect the individuals who play a role in the study, through their participation and contribution of data. Research ethics is an important aspect of any inquiry, which involves the implementation of fundamental moral and ethical principles in all research activities and processes. Various ethical concerns have been reported in studies which involve inmates. This is attributed to the vulnerability of inmates to coercion and unwarranted influence. This paper presents an assessment of various ethical concerns, which may emanate from research on how cost issues impact on inmate health care. Informed consent is a significant ethical concern, which often emanates from studies among inmates. Informed consent refers to the choice of individuals in determining what should or should not happen to them. Ethical concerns may stem from research among inmates, where their voluntariness would hinder the level of participation in the study. In order to adhere to the ethics of research, the inmates will be made aware that their participation in the study is based on volunteering. An ethical dilemma may however result, if no inmate would be willing to volunteer in providing information on how costs impact the health care they receive. In order to achieve informed consent, more closure will be provided to them on the importance of the study. This is due to the fact that informed consent should be based on comprehension of important aspects of the study among participants (Stiles, Epstein, Poythress & Edens, 2012). Privacy and Confidentiality The information or data, which is collected from study subjects, must be treated as confidential and private, and therefore used only for the purposes of the study (Sontag, 2012). In this study, inmates may be concerned about the confidentiality and privacy of the information that they would provide on health care within prisons, and the associated cost considerations. Ethical breaches would be experienced if the information provided by the inmates is accessed by correctional staff and used to intimidate them. In order to prevent this ethical problem, the survey instruments will be designed in a manner that the participating inmates will not be required to provide private data, such as their names. Study subjects must be assured of the confidentiality and privacy of the information they provide, before they can participate in any study (Ramluggun, Lindsay & Pfeil, 2010). Selection of Study Subjects Fairness should be practiced in the selection of subjects for a study (Sontag, 2012). In order to achieve fairness, sampling methods, which do not have bias, will be used. For instance, random sampling will be employed in the study, to ensure that all inmates have an equal chance and opportunity of participating in the study. However, ethical dilemmas may occur if correctional staff is involved in the selection of participants. Social justice should be employed in the selection of study subjects, so that a diverse group of participants can be obtained. In this sense, unbiased and diverse data will be collected and presented for analysis and interpretation. Ethical concerns which may affect the study include racial, sexual, cultural and social biases in the selection of study subjects. These biases can be minimized through collaboration with correctional staff in unbiased selection of a diverse group of study subjects. Risks and Benefits Risk benefit assessment is an important consideration in research processes among inmates. This is due to the possibility of psychological, social, physical and emotional harm, which would result from their participation in a study (Rhodes, 2010). Ethical provisions for research stipulate that study subjects should be made aware of potential risks related to the study in addition to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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