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Jean Watson's Theory of Caring - Essay Example

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Jean Watson's Theory of caring Author Institution Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring Introduction Caring science can be defined from many points of view. It can be described as a humanitarian process which involves assisting people. It is also a human science which includes caring process for human beings…
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Jean Watsons Theory of Caring
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Extract of sample "Jean Watson's Theory of Caring"

Download file to see previous pages In the modern days, caring science is a field of study that has many disciplines of study that includes nursing, feminist study, ecology, philosophy, arts and other humanities. Application of Jean Watson’s theory The Jean Watson’s theory has been applied in several ways as the literature in the theory suggests. The theory has been used in the creation of a humanistic system. These are values which develop at an early stage of the nurse. They can also develop as a result of sharing with parents and the people around him or her. Life experiences and personal exposure to the real world can also create these humanistic values in the life of a nurse. These experiences have of great necessity in nurse’s maturation, this in return leads to the development of altruistic nature of the nurse towards other people (Watson, 1999). Hope and faith of nurses are some of the traits that have been greatly improved by the creation of this theory. Faith and hope are very essential character traits that every nurse should possess. The theory describes it to be of great importance for both carative as well as curative stages. When the doctor has no more to offer to the patient the nurse should use the faith and hope aspects to show a sense of recovery to the patient (Watson, 1999). The theory has also enabled the nurse to cultivate sensitivity to oneself and to his or her patients. If a nurse is willing to hold a genuine conversation between himself and the patient he needs to be in the same emotional state as the one with the patient. As the nurse becomes more sensitive he or she also develops an authentic value. This encourages the nurse in self growth as well as self-actualization to both the nurse and other people whom he or she interacts with. When a personal relationship has been  developed, there is a higher level of functioning and also the promotion of health (Watson, 1999). The theory has been used in the creation of a helpful and trustful relationship. This can be described as the strongest tool in a relationship because it demonstrates caring for each other. The major characteristics that the nurse holds in order to develop this kind of relationship are warmth which is demonstrated towards the patient, empathy which shows that the nurse Cleary understands what the patient is going through and congruence. The nurse employs the use of both verbal and nonverbal methods to make the communication effective (Watson, 1999). The theory has also been used to improve the use scientific process as one way of solving problems. The design is very necessary in a nursing career as it is the most important decision making tool. The scientific method of solving problems is the only available method that enables prediction and control. The process also offers a room for self-correction. The theory has preferably described the caring science as one should not always be objective and neutral. The theory also promotes the learning and teaching role. This is vital because the nurse needs to focus on learning from others as well as teaching them (Watson, 1999). Framework of Jean Watson’s theory The theory describes the nursing process to be carried out in a number of steps. This will provide a platform for decision making in the workplace. The use of the theory will greatly help in solving problems in the structure. The first step in decision making is achieved by assessing the issue at hand. This can also be termed as the problem. The assessment of the problem is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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