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The research will employ surveying in the study because this will eliminate the need to do experiments on the variables of concern. This research design is appropriate given that it allows the use of qualitative analysis of variables. There will be use of statistical analysis of the variables in order to establish the relationship existing between the variables with specialty beds and pressure ulcers…
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Picot Question In Hospital Patients
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Download file to see previous pages There is a big difference between the use of specialty beds, dry visco-elastic polymer bed, and the standard beds for the patients with limited mobility especially with regard to pressure ulcers. The foam outlays on the specialty tables reduce the vulnerability to pressure ulcers compared to the standard beds, which lack such comfort.
The specialty bed also has a visco-elastic polymer foam mattress, which absorbs energy hence preventing pressure ulcer as compared to the standard beds. The specialty beds provide extra relief through the use of technology in the creation of dynamic surfaces. This accommodates the patients who have limited mobility hence prevention of pressure ulcers. Maklebust & Sieggreen (2009) conjectures that the kinetic beds aid in the recuperation process of ulcer pressures unlike the standard beds. This is because this bed contains a material rotation mattress which rotates a patient from side to side in order to change the pressure points. Therefore, the kinetic specialty beds serve to prevent pressure ulcers unlike the standard beds. The kinetic specialty bed also contains alternating pressure mattresses whereby a patient lies on air-filled sacs. These sacs sequentially inflate and deflate resulting in alternation in pressure between the patient and the mattress. This leads to pressure at various body parts within a short duration hence reducing the span of high pressure on any part of the body at any time. The air loss specialty bed also helps in the prevention of pressure ulcers as compared to the standard bed. This is a bed whereby patients rest on air sacs through which warm air passes hence the creation of modulated warmth for the patients. Barnett (2006) asserts that the temperature of the air can be changed with regard to the need for the patient. In addition, the pressure of the pillows used in this specialty bed can be changed in a bid to redistribute pressure for the patient. In addition, this specialty bed provides continuous flow of air hence preventing formation of moisture on the surface of the patient’s body. This specialty bed also offers a low air loss mechanism; hence, prevention of pressure ulcers. The low air loss bed also reduces the pressure exerted on the mattress by the body. This specialty bed also enhances the dressing of the patients without friction hence prevention of pressure ulcers. The low air loss aids in the prevention of pressure than the standard bed through improvement of the skin micro climate .This is achieved through the maintenance of a normal moisture level between the skin and the support surface of the patient. This specialty bed also regulates the body temperature of the patient. The air-flow beneath the patient’s skin helps in the reduction of pressure hence preventing pressure ulcers. This specialty bed also contains a micro-porous cover sheet which allows air onto the surface of the skin of the patient. This bed also contains granular material, which is used for supporting a patient on a porous covering sheet. According to Hopp & Rittenmeyer (2012), the other form of specialty bed is the combination of the air-fluidized and low-air -loss bed. This bed is designed in the sense that the lower part of the bed is filled with the fluidized component while the other half has the low air loss component. The head of this bed is adjustable hence it is can be adjusted for the patient’s comfort. However, it is lighter than the standard bed. This specialty bed reduces the pressure ulcers. The other feature of this bed is that it rhymes with the body contours. The specialty beds also are fitted with seat cushions which also serve to prevent pressure ulcers unlike the standard beds. This is possible given that this bed surface reduces the pressure that the weight of the patient’s body exerts on the skin when the patient is resting. This specialty bed also helps in the healing of developed pressure ulcers. The dynamic specialty beds utilize electricity or a battery in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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