Bronx Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis - Assignment Example

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This community assessment and diagnosis work by identifying the fundamental factors that affect the health of the Bronx community population. The research covers an analysis of health status of the community as a whole; evaluation of the health resources and other aspects…
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Bronx Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis
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Download file to see previous pages The main mission of setting up Bronx community assessments and diagnosis is driven by five factors. These as in Healthy People 2020 include: analysis of health status of the community as a whole; evaluation of the health resources, services and systems of care and hygiene within the community; assessment of attitudes towards community health services and issues; identification of priorities, determination of courses of actions to improve the health status of the community, and establishment of proper and achievable community health goals, and; establishment of an epidemiologic baseline for measuring improvement over time.So as to diagnose Bronx community, community analysis involving examination of the already generated data to define strengths, needs, barriers, readiness, opportunities, and resources to come up with a detailed and complete community profile would be necessary. Health indicators would therefore be based on the mortality rates, mobility rates, nutritional status, disability rates, utilization, socio-economic, health policy, life quality, social and mental, and environmental. For the specific purpose of this nursing case, however, much attention will be directed towards the health care delivery indicators such as equity in the provision of health care, doctor to population ratio, doctor to nurse ratio, inpatients to bed ratio, and finally population to health facilities’ ratio.In the cases of poor community nutrition related to the high number of fast-foods restaurants. and inadequate healthy eating habit establishments as may be evidenced by the concerns of the members of the Bronx community, health assessments and diagnosis exercises will be aimed at establishing the reasons for such eating habits and devising techniques that would help in the reduction of the number of average visits to the fast food restaurants per individual per a given duration of time in any given year (Herdsman, 2009).
The Primary key to preventing such poor habits and promoting nutritious eating among the community member of Bronx would be to provide relevant education at the local food stores, super markets, and restaurants; and setting up agreements to place attention on healthier menu items. Secondary to this preventive method would be to offer free nutrition screening at all the local super markets or at offer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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