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The Role of an Oncology Nurse in USA - Research Paper Example

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THE ROLE OF AN ONCOLOGY NURSE IN USA Author (Your (Your Date due 1.1 Introduction Presently, most prominent cases prevailing in hospitals are patients suffering from cancer. Each patient in this phenomenon requires different application from nurses…
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The Role of an Oncology Nurse in USA
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Download file to see previous pages 1.2 The Role of an Oncology Nurse in USA The role of oncology nurses differs in relation to intensive care which has more focus on bone marrow transplantation and on cancer detection, screening and prevention. Practice of oncology includes participating in nursing research studies, making educational curricula, serving the patients as consultants and performing functions of executive. The main emphasis in all these roles is to provide nursing care to patients, planning, evaluation and nursing diagnosis. This process helps nurses to take a systematic and organized approach in the treatment of cancer patients. The role of oncology nurses is related to professionalism rather than just an occupation for instance a person working whole day in front of computer and conducting analysis. It requires professional practice and detailed knowledge of psychosocial and biologic dimensions of cancer problems. So it requires thorough practice, learning and research, after this only a person can be professional. While occupation is linked to what one learns in his academic life and implement that in practice, this cannot be considered professionalism. Therefore this role is linked to the definition of professionalism rather than occupation. It is a broader concept then just an occupation (Brant JM & Wickham RS, 2004, p.1). So, the role of oncology nurses focuses on three core areas such as: Patient education Patient assessment Coordination of care Patient education Nurses have more opportunity to expand the knowledge of patients in relation to their disease and to educate them accordingly to have efficiency in treatment. They educate in order to assist patients to deal with their diagnosis, symptoms and long term adjustments, to gain information of prevention, to develop their knowledge and skills or to regain health status. Nurses teach patients through various tools and methods such as visual, printed and audiovisual materials are used by nurses to identify patient needs and abilities. Patient assessment Oncology nurses assess patient’s emotional and physical status, health practices, past history and heath, tries to achieve knowledge in relation to diagnoses from the patient as well as his family. Oncology nurses know the results and implications of pathology, laboratory and imaging studies. Coordination of care Oncology nurses plays imperative role in coordinating the complex and multiple technologies which are used in cancer treatment and diagnoses. This coordination involves taking care of patients, preparing all medical records, management of symptoms, participation of therapy, educating patients as well as family, counseling and follow-ups. Nurses should serve as patient’s first line of communication. Therefore, it is imperative for nurses to get sufficient information about the patient and his family (Johnson Mary, 2004, p. 80). 1.3 Oncology Nursing Education A whole educational curriculum is developed to create understanding and enhance their knowledge of epidemiology, cancer biology, treatment, nursing issues and practices and trends in cancer care. Specific journals which help to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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